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Giorgio Armani Beauty’s savvy social media moves

If you do not spend more than an hour away from Instagram (yes, I think that’s about right for most of this site’s readers), you would have noticed the social media coup Giorgio Armani Beauty has had in the last couple of days. It invited some of the most beautiful Instagram celebrities to attend the Venice Film Festival, decked out in couture Giorgio Armani, and of course, a face of Giorgio Armani Beauty. Languishing in the luxurious interiors of water taxis boating to the party, or posing on the red carpet… By linking Giorgio Armani Beauty to a night out at the glamorous film festival with Hollywood stars and the most beautiful gowns, this move has completely made the beauty label so much more covetable. Feel like reaching out for your GA Beauty Lip Maestro and Luminous Silk Foundation to feel like these leading (social media) ladies yet?

How to never have a bad haircut again

1. Choose wisely Do your research. Get word-of-mouth recommendations. Read the credits of your local beauty and fashion magazine spreads; the best in the business are usually engaged for such elaborate shoots. The last thing you should do is just pop by any salon and expect a miracle to happen. 2. Be willing to pay This sounds like a no-brainer. But when it comes to your hair, you really do pay for what you get. Why do you think the salons that offer cuts by apprentices let you pay as you please? The best in town charge a premium because they can deliver. The salon director’s fees are the most because he or she has the most experience. (But then again, be wary of those who are super overpriced. I really don’t think a haircut alone should ever ever cost more than US$200. Unless you are a celebrity.) 2. Do your homework everytime Create a look book. Even if you cannot find that perfect look online, create a collage of the different looks and colours …

Boys and their makeup

If you are a beauty junkie hooked on IG, you wouldn’t miss the uber popular pretty boys up on IG right now. Social media is a wonderful thing. It lets individuals living on the margins to literally shine (and sparkle) on their own terms. These are the gender-fluid makeup artists who are so good at what they do, and so beautiful. Staring at the IG pics of these exquisite creatures is a guilty pleasure of ours. We are definitely not the only ones; the top boys have hundreds and thousands (or even millions) of IG followers. Sure, their extreme (but beautifully-blended) make-up is better suited for drag queens (because they are). But those perfectly-arched brows, plump lips, over-the-top lashes and fleeky eyeliner are #perfection on those androgynous beauties. And guess what? These pretty boys are totally kickstarting beauty trends with their choice of bold makeup colours. Pink brows, anyone? Here are three of The Beauty Gazette’s fave gender-bender beauty junkies.  Jeffree Star Sebastien Miss Fame

Is colour-correcting make-up for you? 

Colour-correcting make-up isn’t new. It has been around since the make-up artists of the ’80s improvised and used dabs of red lipstick and foundation around the eyes to correct dark circles. Or at least since Guerlain created its signature multi-coloured Meteorite pearls to make the skin look more even, and brighter with a subtle glow. But with the democratisation of the delicate art of make-up – through the countless Youtube makeup tutorials and Insta-clips available online – beauty brands think it is time to unleash pigmented colour-correcting cosmetics that used to be the domain of the pros, on the masses.  To be used as a primer, these colour-correcting base make-up are to be worn under foundation. Inspired by this NYT article on the latest colour-correcting make-up trend, The Beauty Gazette gives you the lowdown on how to get it right. Celebrity make-up maestro Clarence Lee dishes out the tips. He has more than two decades of experience below his makeup belt, and has worked with stars such as Gong Li, Li Bingbing, Liu Wen and Zhang Ziyi. …

#Kfever: Laneige makeup on Descendants of The Sun

It’s happening again. The new K drama Descendants of The Sun has everyone’s eyes strained from watching too much TV.  According to news reports, Descendants has been played more than 670 million times on Chinese video site iQiyi. This new K drama is clearly on its way to surpassing the popularity of the red-hot drama of yester-year, My Love From The Stars. The winning formula is there, as usual.  Man and woman meet.  Man and woman fall in love. Man and woman pretend to not be in love with each other. Man and woman argue. Man and woman fall out. Man and woman meet again in a strange land. The story continues. Add to the mix a hunky baby-faced South Korean actor (this time round, it’s Song Joong-ki), and Kimchi Land’s fave actress (Song Hye Gyo).    Ms Song happens to be the face of Laneige, the flagship label of K Beauty superpower Amorepacific.  And so naturally, you get special makeup appearances 💄💄💄  While prepping for her first date, the female lead whips out …   …

When K-Pop meets J-Beauty: KYE x Shu Uemura for Spring 2016

Shu Uemura’s collaborations are always exciting.  The Japanese brand has covered the spectrum with artists (Murakami, Yaz Bukey), fashion designers (Karl Lagerfeld, Maison Kitsune), and even a filmmaker (Wong Kar Wai). It keeps the brand looking fresh and the products covetable. Now, the latest spring 2016 collab is with the hip Korean-American artist Kathleen Kye. The Central St Martins graduate is also a fashion designer whose high street wear is purportedly in-demand by the K-pop stars. This limited edition line is covered with cute cartoons illustrated by Kye. All apparently symbolize Korean youth culture.    In the collection, the most obvious K-Beauty item is the blush cushion compact, available in pink and peach.                   How to get theJ-Beauty + K-pop look:     KYE for Shu Uemura will be launched exclusively in Sephora Ion from April 14; and in Shu Uemura Boutiques from May 1.    Pictures and graphics: Shu Uemura