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Beauty trends 2021

At-home beauty care

We are in the early days of 2021, and yet it is clear how the beauty trends will pan out for the year.

Here are 5 to look out for:

At-home self-care continues to be important

As it will take awhile for the COVID-19 vaccines to be doled out, and enough people to take it, the responsible thing to do would be to stay home. So at-home pampering will continue to be on-trend: beautifying face masks, face massagers, home spa kits, etc.

Skincare will rule the day

As we have our protective face masks on, there is really no need for makeup on a daily basis. But skincare will continue to be important, as more realise that plastering on makeup does not solve their skin blemishes, complexion and tone.

Protective-mask proof makeup will be in-demand

Then for those who have to step out for work, they need makeup that will not be smudged and smeared by protective face masks. Long-lasting foundations, setting powders, smear-free lipsticks, blush that sticks on all day, even when rubbed.

High-Definition (HD) Make-up Raises the Game

As more meetings are done over video-conferencing, with high-definition cameras used, looking great infant of the camera is no longer a must just for news anchors and internet celebrities. More will start investing in blemish-blurring powders, and light reflecting creams for that luminescent on-camera complexion.

5. Eye-defining Make-up

The peepers are all that others can see above the protective face masks. So they have to pile on the brow powders, eyeliner, shadow and lashes to grab attention and stand out in a sea of anonymous masked faces.

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