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How to never have a bad haircut again

1. Choose wisely

Do your research. Get word-of-mouth recommendations. Read the credits of your local beauty and fashion magazine spreads; the best in the business are usually engaged for such elaborate shoots.

The last thing you should do is just pop by any salon and expect a miracle to happen.

2. Be willing to pay

This sounds like a no-brainer. But when it comes to your hair, you really do pay for what you get. Why do you think the salons that offer cuts by apprentices let you pay as you please?

The best in town charge a premium because they can deliver. The salon director’s fees are the most because he or she has the most experience.

(But then again, be wary of those who are super overpriced. I really don’t think a haircut alone should ever ever cost more than US$200. Unless you are a celebrity.)

2. Do your homework everytime

Create a look book. Even if you cannot find that perfect look online, create a collage of the different looks and colours that you love. A good stylist will be able to combine and recreate the inspiration so you get the look. 

These pics (nicked off Instagram: @rubyrose @sora_ppp / Shu Uemura) below were my tearsheets for my latest hair makeover. And my stylist (shoutout to Eugene Ong of Urbanhair!) nailed it.

The cut…

The colour…

3. Be yourself
But remember, that cool cut you love on Ruby Rose may not look as good on you. Simply because your features are different. So never insist on copying a style you saw on someone else to a T, unless your experienced stylist is confident that you can pull it off. So give him the inspiration, but let him do his thing so your cut will suit you.

4. Dress up

I usually get my hair done on my day off, but I wear a full face of makeup and don a cute outfit when I go see my hairstylist. Because I want to inspire him, and help me him envision how my final complete head-to-toe look should be.

4. Be loyal

I am not perpetuating stereotypes here. But hairstylists are sensitive creatures. They need to know that you trust them so they will give you their best. And the experienced ones will always know when someone else has touched your hair.

But more importantly, once a stylist is familiar with the texture of your hair, how it grows out, the shape of your face, or even the shape of your head… That’s when you get the most awesome styles.

So build a relationship, so your stylist can plan your hair looks for the long term.

5. Focus

Don’t play with your phone or read a magazine. Watch him snip away. So you can tell him to stop when you feel that things are not going the way you want to.

It will be too late by the time he is done with the cut, and you look up from the phone or magazine and realise that you hate it.

7. Pamper
It never hurts to bring your stylist goodies or give him a good tip. So he will always give your locks that extra TLC.

8. Take pictures

If you absolutely love that cut, remember to take pictures from every angle. Especially if he is at the top of his game, your stylist has plenty of customers and he wouldn’t be able to remember how your hair looked the last time you left his salon. So to recreate that same look, it would be handy to flash those pictures to jog his memory.

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