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No makeup rules: Rainbow-coloured highlighter is trending


You’ve seen the black, blue, green, grey lipsticks.

As well as the red, and peachy-pink eyeshadows, maroon eyeliner, blue mascara.

They’re no longer considered shocking or out of the norm at a time when makeup junkies are experimenting with colours like crazy. 

(Social media which lets just about anyone showcase their crazy face of makeup and garner likes, is definitely responsible for the trend.)

Now, rainbow-coloured highlighter is driving this “no makeup rules” beauty trend to another level. 

See for yourself:

I love Jeffree Star for his personality and amazing makeup formula (his liquid lipsticks are really something else).

And when he decided to roadtest the Bitter Lace Beauty rainbow highlighter (sold on Etsy) trend on his YouTube channel, he got a million views in two days. 

Others wearing the rainbow cheek:

Cover photo: Instagram/ @jkissamakeup

I love makeup but I would never wear this. Because erm, it looks like a faded bruise to me.

But I have a hunch that coloured highlighters that are beyond your regular gold, bronze, pinks and silvers, will soon become another crazy trend.

Jeffree Star already has his mint green highlighter on the production line.

Watch out, makeup conservatives. You can’t stop this. 

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