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Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist

Make Up For Ever is one of my all-time favourite make-up labels.

Its high-performance products always deliver.  They are made for well, stage performances, and women who need their cosmetics to last through the day.

I haven’t found another brand that can really rival MUFE’s ULTRA HD range which was created for actors, news anchors, beauty bloggers, selfie-lovers so they can look good infront of ultra high definition cameras (which are four times that of full high definition).

And its waterproof Aqua range that professional synchronised swimmers swear by?

One of the best in the market.

French luxury conglomerate Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton (LVMH) knew what it was doing when it decided to buy over the brand from French make-up pro Dany Sanz in 1999.

Dany, who founded the brand in her basement in 1984, is still the creative director of the brand. Hence, the continuous stream of fantastic products.

Make Up For Ever’s latest offering is a range of 46  Artist Rouge Lipsticks.


Why are they special?

According the press release, a few factors set this colour-popping range apart from the rest.


Finely-milled pigments blended in transparent oil: Grinded three times, the particles of the micro-fine pigments become identical, so colour is more evenly reflected off them. The pigments are then blended in a clear oil which then adds on to the intensity and clarity of the shade. What you get then are lipsticks with top-grade pigment = super colours.

[I attest to this. The colours are bright and clear in just one coat, and go on so smoothly and evenly. Especially so for the shades with the cream texture.]


A mixture of waxes with a mesh-like structure on the nano-scale: The wax traps pigment as the   volatile oils evaporate, so the lipstick lasts longer.The lipsticks with the cream texture and satin matte finish is made with sunflower seeds, and promises to last for eight hours.The ones with the matte finish is blended with candelilla, and made to last for ten hours.

[On my lips, the matte lipsticks lasted longer throughout the day; and did not smudge as much when I drank from a mug. The cream lipsticks also pretty much stayed on even after a meal, although it is definitely not smudgeproof.)


Nourishing oils: Macadamia and mallow oils prevent the lips from drying out, so they stay comfortable throughout.

[I love how lightweight the lipsticks feel, even when I have all that pigment on my lips.The cream lipsticks are especially moisturising, and a pleasure to use.]


A sharp, bevelled shape for precise application. So you don’t need a lip brush for a perfectly-painted pout.



Pictures: Make Up For Ever


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