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Clarins Anti-ageing Treatment Essences

Clarins’ new Treatment Essence lotions are good fun.

They come in three different textures to treat various skin types.

The Super Restorative Treatment Essence Smoothness (red bottle) is for mature skin, or those with dull and tired skin. It is blended with pueraria lobata extract which nourishes while  firming the skin. Ginseng and green coffee extracts are also added to re-energize the skin and boost its radiance. This product also has exfoliating properties to gently sweep away dead skin cells on the surface for smoother skin. The viscous texture of the lotion keeps skin extra supple; I have to say this my favourite of the three (although my skin is not that mature…)

Clarins_AA Treatment Essence_Pueraria Lobata


The Multi-Active Treatment Essence Vitality (the pink bottle) works particularly well for those who are under 25, and prefer something lightweight. This milky lotion leaves a satiny-matte finish on the skin. It is refreshing, smoothening, and helps to keep skin lightly hydrated. It contains teasel extract, and acerola seed extract to boost skin radiance and cell rejuvenation.

Clarins_AA Treatment Essence_Multi Active

Clarins_AA Treatment Essence_Teasel


While the Extra-Firming Treatment Essence Bounciness (peach-coloured bottle) works best on those with fine lines and drier skin. Suitable for treating the early signs of ageing, it is formulated with lemon thyme and green banana extracts to support the skin structure, for a firmer visage. It softens and plumps up the skin with hyaluronic acid too. Lightweight, this formula also leaves skin with a satiny-matte finish.

Clarins_AA Treatment Essence_Extra-Firming

Clarins_AA Treatment Essence_Lemon Thyme

Lemon Thyme


Don’t know how to use a treatment essence lotion? Here’s how:

These lotions are created to soften the skin; so it supposedly better absorbs the serums and creams you apply afterwards.

So after cleansing, swiping skin with the lotion should be the first step of your skincare  routine. Or you could just gently pat the lotion onto skin.

Now, Clarins has also been quick to pick up on the latest South Korean beauty trend: the masking lotion.

To help you turn its treatment essences into masks, Clarins has come up with complementary sheet masks.


There are two kinds to choose from:

The Sachet-Masque: These ready-to-soak sheet masks come in a re-sealable packet. Pour in the lotion, then seal the packet. Press sachet to thoroughly soak mask, and then remove mask from packet. Apply on face, and leave for 10 mins. Spread the remaining lotion in the packet on as well.

Due to its viscous texture, the Super Restorative Treatment Essence is best used with the Sachet-Masque (in a packet).

The Capsule-Masque: Pour the lotion into the capsule, which contains a dry tablet. Leave the tablet to soak up the essence for about three to five minutes. When the tablet puffs up into a squishy blob, unfold it and you get an essence-soaked sheet mask.

 Best used with the watery Multi-Active and Extra Firming lotions.

The masks are thin; but they do not tear easily while soaking up the right amount of essence for a comforting masking session.


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