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Shiseido Vital-Perfection Wrinklelift Cream

True story: 

Lines, and dry, crepey skin around your eyes give your age away. 

So I always invest in a good eye cream to smoothen the appearance of fine lines near the peepers.

(The other areas to take note for overall youthfulness too: the neck, and back of hands)

Shiseido’s new Wrinklelift Cream is multi-tasking. While promising to minimise the appearance of wrinkles, it also claims to brighten and smoothen the skin.

The star ingredients: Retinol, and Shiseido VP8 (which includes the brand’s signature brightening ingredient 4MSK). 

Retinol – derived from Vitamin A – is known to be one of the most effective anti-wrinkle agents around. Shiseido says its version is more stable, potent, and hence, even more effective. It boosts cell turnover and the skin’s natural moisture levels. 

Shiseido VP8 is a blend of Plant extracts with anti-ageing benefits: improving the appearance of sagging, dullness, fine lines, age spots, roughness and dryness. 

4MSK improves skin tone by exfoliating off excess melanin.

The texture of the cream is rather watery and easily absorbed. Almost immediately, the skin around my eyes looked more plump and smoother. 

After three days, the fine lines around my eyes looked visibly less obvious, and the undereye skin looked firmer and more moisturised (most creams can hardly keep the delicate skin around the eyes plump and hydrated).

For an indulgent experience, layer the Wrinklelift Mask (which also contains retinol and Shiseido VP 8) on top of the cream. The generous pulpy sheet mask – it covers the entire undereye as well as the top of the cheekbone – is soaked in a milky lotion.

Use with the other Vital-Perfection products for best results. 

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