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Home Spa: Dr Dennis Gross DRx Spectralite BodyWare Pro

With quarantines, lock-downs, and touch-less retail and services being de rigueur during COVID-19, home beauty devices are a perfect addition to your beauty routine. Clearly, these DIY grooming machines are convenient so you don’t have to trudge off to a salon. Plus, it is much safer since you will not have to share any of the beauty tools and accoutrements with others, and be potentially exposed to the novel coronavirus. Dr Dennis Gross’ DRx Spectralite BodyWare Pro taps on LED light therapy to provide anti-aging (red LED) and anti-acne (blue LED) benefits on your neck, decollete and limbs, while you’re chillin’ and Netflixin’. The best part? You can actually mould the flexible device to your body so you get a customised treatment. Just don’t use it on your face (and eyes!) as the Bodyware Pro is not meant for that. The device provides 3 options for the 3-minute sessions (red, blue or red + blue). There’s also a bonus option: a 14-minute red LED treatment to soothe muscle and joint pain. The Bodyware is also …

Dyson Airwrap

Dyson Airwrap Review

I waited a long time before taking the plunge with the Dyson Airwrap this Christmas. The set does not come cheap and I wasn’t sure if it was worth it at S$699. So is it? Here’s a quick review so you can make up your mind. These convinced me: 1. Soft bouncy curls A key selling point, the Airwrap uses innovative technology to create special airflow that enable your locks to wrap easily around the curlers. Great for hairstyling noobs like me (I always feel I need three or four arms to get a proper blow out with a brush and hairdryer). With blasts of hot and cold air, you end up with soft, shiny and bouncy curls. You have to divide your hair in small sections though, as only a relatively thin layer can be curled effectively around each barrel, each time.

ReFa Carat Face and Face-Up Cream

A slimmer-looking face with lifted contours in minutes might sound too good to be true; but it is not impossible. Especially when you are in the hands of a trained facialist familiar with massage techniques on lymph nodes around the face, and able to get rid of water retention effectively. Or you could train yourself to pin point the lymphatic areas including the back of the earlobes, under the chin, and along the jawline. Otherwise, consider investing in a beauty device by Japanese brand ReFa. The platinum-coated rollers of the ReFa Carat Face (S$279) are ergonomically-designed to mimic the fluid movements of an ethetician’s hands, boosting circulation and lymphatic drainage. The device also taps on a micro current technology to stimulate collagen and elastin production for lifted contours of the face. Results are immediate (a slimmer face, sharper jawline, lifted corners of the mouth), and last for up to eight hours. Use the solar-charged gadget at least once a day for long-lasting results. To enhance the effects of the device, ReFa has also recently launched …

Skin Inc Optimiser Voyage Blue

The brand’s signature beauty device, the Optimise Voyage now comes in a Blue LED Light version to calm and soothe skin. If you have no idea why a light-emitting gadget can do wonders for your skin, here’s why. The Optimise Voyage offers a home beauty treatment based on chromotherapy, the use of the healing properties of colours to heal the body. LEDs – Light-Emitting Diodes – like the ones in your regular lamp at home, are known for being sources of light that can penetrate deep into the skin. With the right wavelength and colour, the skin can be treated accordingly. The Optimiser Voyage Blue Light taps on blue LED with a wavelength of 460 nano-metres to reach deep into the epidermis. Blue light has been clinically proven to get rid of bacteria that causes acne. Apparently, it also soothes skin and the oil glands, so sebum production is reduced. If you often have breakouts, consider adding this device to your beauty routine. This device also emits low frequency wavelengths which boosts the skin’s absorption …