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Skin Inc Optimiser Voyage Blue

The brand’s signature beauty device, the Optimise Voyage now comes in a Blue LED Light version to calm and soothe skin.

If you have no idea why a light-emitting gadget can do wonders for your skin, here’s why.

The Optimise Voyage offers a home beauty treatment based on chromotherapy, the use of the healing properties of colours to heal the body. LEDs – Light-Emitting Diodes – like the ones in your regular lamp at home, are known for being sources of light that can penetrate deep into the skin. With the right wavelength and colour, the skin can be treated accordingly.

The Optimiser Voyage Blue Light taps on blue LED with a wavelength of 460 nano-metres to reach deep into the epidermis. Blue light has been clinically proven to get rid of bacteria that causes acne. Apparently, it also soothes skin and the oil glands, so sebum production is reduced. If you often have breakouts, consider adding this device to your beauty routine.

This device also emits low frequency wavelengths which boosts the skin’s absorption of skincare products, regenerates skin cells and encourages lymphatic circulation and drainage (so your face is less prone to puffiness caused by water retention).

How to use: First apply your regular skincare on clean skin, then glide the battery-operated device onto your skin for added therapeutic benefits.

The Blue Light device should only be used up to 10 minutes each time, twice a day.


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