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ReFa CAXA Ray review

Japanese beauty label ReFa outdoes itself with every new launch.

Its most recent product to hit the shelves is the CAXA Ray (S$350), a device inspired by the traditional Chinese treatment Guasha.

The ergonomically shaped beauty tool is created to relieve facial tension along the brows and masticatory muscles, as well as improve circulation in the lymph nodes.

Every part of the product is designed for a specific function.

The marble-sized rollers are perfect for easing the tightness in the nooks and crannies along the face and neck (collarbone, corners of the mouth, between the brows, etc).

The smooth angle at the top carves the contours of the face for improved definition, and massages the neck; while the long curve stimulates the muscles on the cheeks.

The pointed tip is great for acupressure moves.

That said, this product is best for advanced users of ReFa as it takes some getting used to.

CAXA Ray also features ReFa’s signature solar panel, which powers the micro currents that are activated when the device is in use, to firm skin.

To boost the effectiveness of the CAXA Ray, first apply the Expression Glossy Cream (S$175) on skin.

Containing rye grass extract that supposedly promotes collagen production, as well as clary sage, neroli and geranium to keep skin elastic, this cream is also made with fish-scale collagen.

More suited for mature skin or colder climes, the formula is of a slightly heavier texture. But it is great for giving skin the extra glide so that the device works even better.

Watch the product in action here and here.

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