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Skin-perfecting duo: Infinity Kose Tight Lift Base, One by Kose Moisture Rice Power Moisturizing Serum

A serum rarely gives the immediate buzzy feeling of soothed and quenched skin. So I was pleasantly surprised by the slightly viscous and milky One by Kose Moisture Rice Serum (S$74 for 60ml). The star ingredient is a rice and rice bran extract fermented for over 90 days, with yeast and lactic acid to produce amino acids, peptides and saccharides. The formula is said to boost the skin’s ability to retain moisture. After one use, it left my skin moisturised and supple for longer. This will be incorporated into my beauty routine in the morning. Easily absorbed, it is best used on just-cleansed skin before a moisturiser; or if you have normal to oily skin, on its own. The Infinity Kose Tight Lift Base (S$55) is a perfect complement. The words “Tight Lift” caught my attention; imagine a lifting veil on the skin to keep it firm and tight the entire day. I felt the slightest tightening sensation after slathering this tinted make-up base. It spreads like a relatively thick sunscreen (it contains SPF30 PA++), …

Laneige Time Freeze Essence EX and Intensive Cream EX

When you’ve had a late night and have to wake early (and look alive), all you need is skincare that would plump up and smoothen the skin immediately before makeup application. Laneige’s Time Freeze Essence Ex (S$90) and Intensive Cream EX (S$95) seem to do just that. The Essence is a viscous serum which feels like a lightweight day moisturiser. Containing hyaluronic acid, it quickly adds a layer of satin smoothness and suppleness to the skin. Thus creating a perfect smooth base for foundation application. The Intensive Cream is best used on drier skin. The rich water-and-oil formula boosts the absorption rate, keeps skin moisturised for longer while smoothening the appearance of fine lines immediately. Good as a night cream as well. Add these to your bag of quick skincare-fixes for the Morning After.

Decorte AQ: Revamped and Reformulated

Luxury skincare transports you to another realm of calm, quiet, and comfort after a long day. The Japanese label Kose’s new Decorte AQ (Absolute Quality) range does just that. Launched in 1990, AQ was created as a premium range in the Kose Cosme Decorte stable. The textures and scents are formulated to relax the mind, and boost the effectiveness of the skincare ingredients. The latest products all contain white mucuna known to boost energy and reduce stress levels; white birch sap for its healing properties; as well as the night-blooming cereus for its exceptional white floral scent that takes anyone to a blissful state. Indulgent, soothing, and easily absorbed by the skin, the 10 products in this line are perfect for a home facial session before bed. Dim the lights, put on a scented candle, and get that night beauty ritual going. TBG‘s picks: AQ Lotion (S$148) with white birch water and glycerin. Lightweight and keeps the skin supple and soft; good as the first step in the beauty ritual. Or just add a splash …

Square Cushion: Yves Saint Laurent Beaute Touche Eclat Le Cushion

We’ve tried lots of compact cushions, but none like this Touche Eclat version. Not just because it is square in shape ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿป The formula is liquid, but it has a powdery velvety finish. It goes on super light, and gives skin a beautiful glow that is matte but not flat. Coverage is light to medium. Blending is easy. ๐Ÿ˜ The applicator has a flocked surface, which makes me feel like I am patting on a loose or compact powder. This YSL Beaute square cushion is perfect for those who dislike the over-the-top dewiness of most cushion foundations. Wear this alone if you have few blemishes, or for touch-ups throughout the day if you prefer high coverage foundation. Watch a swatch here.

Yves Saint Laurent Beaute Encre De Peau All Hours foundation

Imagine being out from your morning latte run to cocktail hour, and not have to touch up your foundation and concealer. The new Yves Saint Laurent Beaute Encre De Peau All Hours formulas offers just that.  The liquid foundation gives medium to full coverage, a satin-matte finish, and long-lasting pigment that does not budge. A small dollop goes a long way. Best used with the signature Top Secrets Instant Moisture Glow to prime and add hydration to the skin first, so the foundation goes on even more smoothly and is prevented from oxidising (turning one orange shade darker ๐Ÿ˜ฑ).  The liquid All Hours concealer is also excellent and one of the best we’ve ever used. It packs in nicely on the undereye area without settling into the fine lines, blends into the skin beautifully matte to hide dark circles, and stays on all day ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿป. Watch for a closer look at the textures.

Orbis Pore Careย 

For that #NoFilter #WokeUpLikeThis skin, be prepared for the few extra steps in your beauty routine.  The secret to finer, and tighter pores is simple: cleanliness. According to Orbis’ beauty trainer Yuki Yip, the pores have many important roles in maintaining the health of the skin.  They ensure waste matter (dead skin cells, fats, excess salt, etc.) is excreted from the skin, regulate the body’s temperature, and support the skin’s protection barrier.  To ensure that pores are not clogged, keep skin clean and exfoliated. First, thoroughly remove makeup. When foundation and suncare products are made to be long-lasting, it also means they stick stubbornly to the skin. So use a good makeup remover.  Follow with a facial wash to further remove excess dirt, makeup and sebum.  On days when you want to spend more time cleansing and smoothen the skin, exfoliate to get rid of dead cells on the surface, and use a deep-cleansing mask. Follow with lotion, serum, and moisturiser.  Orbis signature pore care products are formulated to gently cleanse, and exfoliate the skin. …

Estee Lauder Double Wear Nude Water Fresh Makeup

Estee Lauder got it right with this foundation. Offering medium coverage, the liquid glides on like melted butter with a satin-matte finish. I layered the Tom Ford Complexion Enhancing Primer underneath, and it stayed on like a dream. After an entire day shopping and a session at the gym, the foundation remained flawless. My pores, and dark circles were camouflaged, and the foundation did not settle into the fine lines under my eyes.  This product comes in a simple screw bottle. It can get a little messy if you are not careful, but  this also means you do not have wasted product stuck in a pump. ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿป

Cosme Decorte AQMW Eye Crayon

These eye crayons are perfect for those who hate skinny pencil eyeliners that need to be sharpened. These chubby crayons offer a better grip, and are retractable.  These lightweight formulas are best used on the water line for a subtle definition so eyes look larger and prettier. They are not suited for bold and defined looks. Long-lasting with fine shimmer, these crayons are everyday essentials for making the peepers look brighter in a jiffy.

Make Up For Ever Artist Rouge Light Lipstick

Described as luminous and hydrating, Make Up For Ever isn’t lying about its new range of Artist Rouge Light lipsticks. Said it before and we’ll say it again. Make Up For Ever makes some of the best lippies out there. This new range that is made for the woman who prefers to wear her makeup colours lightly but beautifully, (or just for subtle makeup days) does not disappoint. The Artist Rouge Light Lipstick goes on translucent but with a clear and even colour; in two to three coats.  Application is smooth and easy; feels moisturising but not cloting or sticky.  Lightweight with a super glossy finish. Love. TBG picks: L206, a bright berry fuchsia; L500, a dusky sexy rose nude; and L501, a deep aubergine. Swatches here and here.

Mamonde Micro Lip & Eye Removerย 

Infused with the lotus flower extract, the new Mamonde Lip & Eye Remover is a gentle but effective water-based makeup cleanser. It does not strip the skin of oils, and gets rid of long-wearing foundation at the end of the day; especially the pigment stuck around the corner of the eyes. Lightly hydrating and slightly viscous, you could even use this formula as an on-the-go, non-rinse face cleanser. For a more thorough cleansing, try the Triple Multi Cleansing Foam with Iris extract.  This cream cleanser gently exfoliates, with a slightly oily emulsion to get rid of stubborn makeup; but leaves skin squeaky clean. Best used on oily/ combination skin. Mamonde is now available at Sephora Singapore stores.