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It Cosmetics CC+

A multi-tasking cosmetic product is a lifesaver. Especially when you need to travel light; or you’re a busy mom who has little more than 5 mins to look decent every morning. It Cosmetics’ CC+ is a colour correcting cream infused with an anti-aging and hydrating serum; as well as SPF 50+ sunscreen with both UVA and UVB blockers. It spreads on skin like butter, blends beautifully with warm fingertips, and gives skin medium to full coverage. None-sticky finish and gives skin a subtle glow. It is relatively long/lasting too. We would recommend preparing skin with skincare before makeup application, but if you don’t have the time to layer on the beauty potions before foundation, the next best thing to do is reach for It Cosmetics’ CC+.

Shiseido 7 Lights Powder Illuminator

Few makeup products are as versatile as Shiseido’s iconic 7 Lights Powder Illuminator. Swirl all the shades together to colour-correct skin tone, set make-up, and add a glow. Or use them individually and two or three colour combos on different areas of the face. The darker brown shades can be used for eyeshadow and contouring; the peachy-pink ones as blush and highlight. Watch it in action here.

Power Pairing: Make Up For Ever Artist Color Shadow Custom-Create + Step 1 Eye & Lip Primer

Make Up For Ever’s Artist Color Shadows are good investments. The generous value-for-money shades (S$24 each) have good pay-off and minimal flaking. For best results, use the shadows with the brand’s Step 1 Eye & Lip Primer. It is one of the best formulas we’ve ever tried: it smoothens and tightens the lid area, so the eyeshadow won’t skip upon application and blends beautifully. Also makes the colour look more intense and last longer. You could use it as a lip primer too. To get even more Insta-worthy eye makeup, now you can customise your favourite MUFE shades in a palette. Available in five sizes (for a single colour, a duo, and three, six, twelve), palette cases start from S$4. Made of tin, they are simple lightweight, fuss-free, hold just the right amount of eyeshadow, and come with a quality mirror for touch-ups.

Marc Jacobs Shameless Youthful-Look 24-H Longwear Foundation SPF 25

Inspired by the “Shameless” tattoo on his buff chest – a daily reminder to remain true to himself – Marc Jacobs has launched a new foundation that does not cake up the skin. Available in an impressive 29 shades (S$74 each), the Shameless formula gives skin buildable medium-to-full coverage. It also offers “flashback-free SPF”, or encapsulated SPF that keeps your skin looking naturally beautiful in front of camera flashes, instead of chalky or ashen. So you can look Insta-ready at all times. This oil-free long-wearing formula which blends easily for a second-skin finish, also contains moisturising and soothing snow mushroom and blue daisy extract. The product gives skin a beautiful glow, while allowing its natural texture to come through. Watch it in action here.

Shu Uemura Petal Skin Cushion and Limited Edition Sakura Pink Petal 55 Brush

Any legit beauty junkie out there would know that quality make-up tools are essential for flawless-looking foundation. As Shu Uemura is a make-up artists’ brand through-and-through, and known for its iconic tools, it is launching a new limited edition sakura pink petal 55 brush (S$80). With an ergonomic, faceted handle, this dense and oval-shaped kabuki brush is of the same width as the popular 27 brush to cover areas such as the chin and cheeks. While the tapered edge is of similar in size to the 10 brush for precise application around the eyes and nose. Packed with thousands of supple fibres – 189,000 to be exact – it offers easy and flawless coverage. So much so that Shu Uemura bets that you can apply liquid foundation with your eyes closed, when you use the Petal 55 brush (check out its #eyesclosedchallenge on Insta). Best used with the Petal Skin Fluid Foundation (S$68, available in 11 shades). Because beautiful-looking skin and foundation is the first step to flawless-looking make-up, Shu Uemura is also launching its new …

ReFa Clear

The latest beauty device from Japanese label ReFa is a cleansing one that taps on sonic ion technology to rid skin of impurities. ReFa Clear (S$360) deep cleanses with a replace-able ultra-fine, dome-shaped brush manufactured in Kumano, Japan that reaches round the contours of the face. The kumanofude glides and vibrates with sonic waves, and is charged with negative ions to exfoliate and repel debris. The device has three speeds: a soft one for gentle morning cleansing; a stronger one for ridding residual makeup at the end of the day; and the strongest mode is for a power-cleansing session. This gadget is also best used with the ReFa Cream Wash, which lathers well to produce a rich, cushiony, and smooth foam that gives the cleansing device a better glide on the skin. The wash also contains fruit extracts – hydrolysed prune and pear juice ferment filtrate – to soften and exfoliate dead skin. For me, the distinguishing feature between the ReFa Clear and other sonic cleansing devices is how gentle it is on the skin. My face …

Laneige Two Tone Contouring & Correcting Bars

For quick and easy make-up, Laneige has produced a series of two-toned Contouring and Correcting Bars for on-the-go make-up perfection. Like the brand’s bestselling Two-Tone Lip Bars, the duo colours blend seamlessly onto skin upon application. Creamy and ergonomically shaped, these make-up sticks are easy to blend with fingertips, or a kabuki brush. Here’s how they work: The transparent Primer no.1 prepares skin for make-up application, and is for use all over the face. No.2 Pink Coral is good for concealing dark circles while brightening the area. No.3 Purple Blue brightens the skin, good as a highlighter. No. 4 Mint Lemon hides dark circles, adds the appearance of volume to cheeks, and conceals redness. No. 1 Cacao gives skin a natural-looking contour for sharper-looking features. No. 2 Almond offers a more dramatic contouring effect. Available at all Laneige counters and boutiques at S$38 each. Pictures: Laneige

Popstar Cosmetics

Nothing makes us more excited than quality, mid-prices cosmetics. Popstar Cosmetics, a two-year-old label founded by Singapore-born makeup artist and photographer Donald Chiu, is TBG’s new favourite. With a keen eye for visuals, Chiu’s work has been featured in the advertising campaigns of Brand’s such as Shiseido, Shu Uemura and Make Up For Ever. The artist dreamed up Popstar Cosmetics so that his clients could recreate the glamorous makeup looks on magazine covers and advertisements on their own. “I often have clients telling me that they want a certain look in magazines. But it is not possible to do so with just the products advertised or mentioned in the magazines,” says Chiu. “To recreate the rich colours and textures of the makeup shown in print, in real life, I often need to improvise. I once had to use a cream eyeshadow on lips because the colour was more vivid and durable.” His vision for Popstar Cosmetics was crystallised: make-up that glows onscreen, and on the skin. The products seem to have delivered on the brand’s …

Clinique Moisture Surge 72-Hour Auto-Replenishing Hydrator

We’ve heard of long-lasting makeup, but never long-lasting skincare that promises to keep skin hydrated for up to 72 hours. This new Moisture Surge (S$75 for 50ml) gel-cream moisturiser contains hyaluronic acid, a moisturising “matrix” to seal in hydration, as well as a formula of caffeine and “activated”‘aloe water to help the skin rehydrate itself. I slathered on a thick layer of this viscous product before bed as an overnight mask, then slept in an air-conditioned room. The slick texture also makes it ideal for facial massages. The next morning, my skin felt more supple than usual. As I washed my face, I could still feel the moisturiser on the skin; that is how well it adheres. This multi-tasking moisturiser can also be blended with a liquid foundation, bronzer or highlighter to give skin added hydration as you apply your makeup.

Clarins Hydra-Essential: Skin quenchers to start 2018 right

Dehydrated skin always looks tired, dull, and lined. Plumping it up with moisture is that one thing you can do to make skin look more youthful, immediately. According to Clarins’ research on the skin, it is exposed to sudden changes in temperature and humidity everyday; on the commute, air-conditioning, rainy days, even post-gym. This “shocks” the skin, and it ends up dehydrated if it is not replenished with the right levels of moisture. To keep skin supple and hydrated throughout, Clarins’ new Hydra-Essentiel range contains organic Leaf of Life, an organic succulent herb with antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties. Sourced from the Jardins du Monde in Madagascar, the organic and fair trade Leaf of Life supposedly keeps the skin’s moisture level optimal through the “shocks”. The Hydra-Essentiel Intensive Bi-Phase Serum is a watery formula that sinks easily into the skin. I find that it plumps up skin immediately, making it look brighter and firmer. For best results (especially for those with normal to combination skin), use it with the Hydra-Essentiel Cooling Gel to seal in …