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Mamonde Micro Lip & Eye Remover 

Infused with the lotus flower extract, the new Mamonde Lip & Eye Remover is a gentle but effective water-based makeup cleanser. It does not strip the skin of oils, and gets rid of long-wearing foundation at the end of the day; especially the pigment stuck around the corner of the eyes. Lightly hydrating and slightly viscous, you could even use this formula as an on-the-go, non-rinse face cleanser. For a more thorough cleansing, try the Triple Multi Cleansing Foam with Iris extract.  This cream cleanser gently exfoliates, with a slightly oily emulsion to get rid of stubborn makeup; but leaves skin squeaky clean. Best used on oily/ combination skin. Mamonde is now available at Sephora Singapore stores. 

Clarins Multi-Active Range Review

Concocted for the busy over-achiever, Clarins’ new Multi-Active range is blended with potent botanical extracts and antioxidants for maximum skin-regenerating effect.  What we’re really impressed with at first touch are the comfortable and soothing textures of the new moisturisers in the Multi-Active day and night collection. Each feels cocooning and cushiony on the skin, wrapping it in moisture and goodness. These formulas target fine lines and other early signs of ageing. Multi-Active Jour for normal to combination skin is a light gel cream. Contains encapsulated teasel for targeted performance, as well as myrothamnus extract for its water-retaining property. Multi-Active Jour for normal to dry skin has a richer, soothing gel-cream texture. Multi-Active Nuit for normal to combination skin is a light creme made with the same encapsulated teasel, and ginger lily that stimulates the synthesis of collagen. The formula for drier skin is richer, but does not leave a cloying film on the surface of the skin. These moistuisers leave my skin generally brighter and clearer; and hydrated for longer. I find that I get …

Three Cosmetics Balancing Lotion and Makeup Review

Launched in 2009, Three Cosmetics is a hit with beauty junkies because it pays attention to the small details. The texture is fine and luxurious; the scent soothing; while the products are gentle on the skin. Each skincare product contains at least 85 per cent natural ingredients, such as the essential oils of frankincense, neroli, rosa damascena, and eucalyptus leaf. They are also blended with ingredients from Japan: marine silt from Okinawa; bitter melon extract from Kyoto; Apple extract from Aomori; camellia seed oil and mandarin orange extract from Shizuoka; hot spring water of Oita; Yuzu seed oil of Kochi and fossilised coral powder from Yonaguni Island. The simple but luxe-feel of the packaging is another plus.  Besides skincare, the brand also offers base and colour cosmetics, as well as haircare.   The Beauty Gazette reviews four of the brand’s bestselling products. Three Balancing Lotion (S$95): A watery lotion that balances and lightly moisturises the skin. Contains sandalwood oil, frankincense oil, bergamot fruit oil, marjoram and rosemary oils; apple and rose geranium waters; bitter melon, …

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Concentrate Matrix

The latest extension to Estee Lauder’s signature Advanced Night Repair line (created to boost the skin’s repairing function while you sleep) is the Eye Concentrate Matrix. The lightweight serum comes with a round-tipped applicator for quick eye massages so you get brighter peepers. On the ingredient list: glycerin, urea, cucumber, barley, lady’s thistle, soybean and chamomile extracts; lactobacillus ferment; algae, birch, mulberry root extracts, and caffeine. This eye care product is lightweight enough to be used in the day as well, under make-up. It kept the fine skin under my eyes moisturised all day; not many eye creams can do this. If you’ve been staring at the computer all day and want to give your eyes a full-on treat, follow the application of the serum with the Advanced Night Repair Concentrated Recovery Eye Mask. Then of course, rest your eyes.    

Cle de Peau Beaute Rouge a Lèvres Lipstick

The new Cle de Peau Beaute Rouge a Levre lipsticks come with a new lipstick bullet shaped like a wave, so that it hugs the lips closely for intense and precise application. Currently the top picks in our lipstick collection, these are moisturising and lightweight while offering opaque colour in one swipe. Relatively long-lasting, the formula has a high-shine finish. Because the texture is so creamy, it does not pull or drag on lips during application so you get perfectly-shaped lips every time. Available in 12 shades; The Beauty Gazette picks are: No.7 Dragon Red, a true blue red (watch the swatch); No.9 Silk Thread, a dusky rose pink; as well as No.10 Chinoiserie, a light coral pink.  

Origins Clear Improvement and Modern Friction: Gentle but effective deep cleansing

Origins’ launches this year have been impressively effective. Its new trio of skincare products offer a deep yet gentle cleansing of the visage. The Modern Friction Cleansing Oil is as pretty as it is beneficial for the skin. The formula has a gold and lavender gradient, as it is made up of radiance-boosting white and purple rice oils that are mixed only when you pour the viscous concoction into your palms. And something interesting happens when you apply the oil onto your face: a soothing warm sensation that softens skins, melts away makeup, and widens pores for deep cleansing. Add water to turn oil into a milky emulsion, and rinse. This formula – which contains rice bran oil, camphor extract, and soybean oil – left my skin supple, clean, smooth, and actually clearer. Origins’ new exfoliating products are made for different skin types. For those with oilier skin, pick the Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Exfoliating Cleansing Powder. Add a splash of water (or even a light watery toner) to the fine sooty charcoal powder with …

Aesop Toothpaste Dentrifice 

If you want a refreshing alternative to regular supermarket toothpaste; because you’re indie like that.  Aesop’s new Toothpaste Dentrifice is delicately flavoured with: sea buckthorn, cardamom, sea salt, anise fruit, tea tree, clove flower oil, and even wasabi… But trust me, it tastes just like a delicate version of minty toothpaste with some spice. Nothing too crazy.  With the natural oils and extracts that are generally good for the skin (and palate), this Aesop formula just seems like a more earthy choice for your teeth and gums. I would even use this to plump and gently exfoliate lips before application of lipstick. And who knows, it might also work as a mild pimple treatment (for people who swear by toothpaste to dry up angry pimples)! Launching at Aesop Singapore stores Aug 18.

Clarins Double Serum – 8th Generation

Clarins’ biggest launch in 2017 – and possibly the last couple of years – is the 8th generation of its Double Serum. The all-in-one anti-ageing serum (or as Marie-Hélène Lair the brand’s scientific communication director calls it, a “Swiss-army knife”); is made to improve the skin’s regeneration, hydration, nutrition, oxygenation, and protection. As its name suggests, the Double Serum has a unique dual-phase formulation: two-thirds hydric (water), and one-third lipidic (oil). The pump bottle contains two different vials for one important reason: when the hydric and lipidic solutions are kept separate until the point of application, the efficacy of the potent ingredients are preserved. The first-generation Double Serum Multi-Regenerant Concentre was bottled in 1985 in exactly the same way – the formula literally came in a set of two dropper bottles, with the contents to be mixed upon application. The latest Double Serum has been formulated based on the findings from the School of Medical Studies in Namur, Belgium, which has discovered the link between skin-ageing and cell receptors that regulate cell activity for skin vitality, …

Codage Paris Prescription: On The Road Again

The latest niche beauty label to hit Escentials’ shelves is Codage Paris, the French brand which prides itself on potent serums.  The range of seven serums are made to suit different skincare needs and lifestyles.  A good way to start experimenting with this new-to-market brand is to pick up the On The Road Again “prescription”. Packed to treat skin that is imbalanced due to the drying cabin conditions and unfamiliar weather, it contains: 1) Micellar Water (50ml) – a gentle but effective cleanser that also hydrates skin. It does not leave the skin tight and dry, and there is no need to rinse. Just dampen a cotton pad with the solution, and wipe skin clean. 2) Serum No.1 (10ml) – for intense moisturisation, the clear serum is lightweight but soaks skin easily. It contains complexes and ingredients to stimulate the skin’s own natural moisturisation levels (hyaluronic acid, aquaporin stimulator peptide) for long-lasting hydration, as well as antioxidants to protect. 3) Serum No.3 (10ml) – for radiance and energy. Also formulated with ingredients that deeply moisturise, …

SK-II RNA Power Magnetic Kit

A good beauty gadget can do wonders for the beauty routine. SK-II launched its first gadget, the Magnetic Wand, for use with its Stempower Eye Cream some two years ago. Made to boost absorption and gently massage the delicate eye area, it taps on the waves of bi-polar magnetic particles. Earlier this month, SK-II debuted its second gadget act with the new Magnetic Booster – which looks like a spinning top but with a flat base – at Shilla Duty Free in Changi Airport. To be used together with the RNA Power Cream and RNA Essence, the Magnetic Booster uses a magnetic micro pulse technology to deliver up to 7,000 gentle vibration per minute, so skin is massaged and the active ingredients are absorbed deeper into the skin. After application of the the skincare product, slide the Booster from the centre of the face, outwards. Powered by two LR 44 batteries (the small tablet-sized, flat and silver ones), the Booster definitely worked for me. The RNA cream is relatively rich and hydrates the skin thoroughly. With the …