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Dyson Airwrap Review

Dyson Airwrap

I waited a long time before taking the plunge with the Dyson Airwrap this Christmas.

The set does not come cheap and I wasn’t sure if it was worth it at S$699.

So is it?

Here’s a quick review so you can make up your mind.

These convinced me:

1. Soft bouncy curls

A key selling point, the Airwrap uses innovative technology to create special airflow that enable your locks to wrap easily around the curlers. Great for hairstyling noobs like me (I always feel I need three or four arms to get a proper blow out with a brush and hairdryer). With blasts of hot and cold air, you end up with soft, shiny and bouncy curls. You have to divide your hair in small sections though, as only a relatively thin layer can be curled effectively around each barrel, each time.

2. The multiple attachments

This hairstyling set is pricey, but it comes with multiple tools to dry, straighten, curl and blow out. There is a pre-styling dryer, firm and soft smoothing brushes, round volumising brush, and pairs of 30mm and 40mm Airwrap barrels. It’s like having multiple hairstyling tools for the price of one, that also saves space.

3. Negative ions and regulated heat to smoothen

This fancy piece of technology smoothens locks with negatively charged ions to reduce static in the hair, and regulated heat. Although I have to say the heated air barrels feel quite hot when held close to the scalp. Good thing you can switch on the cooler air easily to seal in the curls and soothe the scalp.

Are you sold yet?

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