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Clarins White Plus Pure Translucency

Clarins is one of those rare European brands that already had its finger on the pulse of skin-brightening trends from way back when; 20 years to be exact.

It started in 1996 with the Whitening Essence, and now into its seventh variation for 2017, the White Plus Pure Translucency.

The star of the latest range is the antioxidant-rich acerola fruit, which resembles a cherry.

While doing extensive research on how melanin production takes place in the skin (which leads to dark spots), Clarins scientists also discovered the potent benefits of the acerola.

The fruit contains polyphenols, antioxidants that help to protect the plants from damaging UV rays. Apparently, the younger the fruit, the more polyphenols it contains; therefore Clarins harvests the early fruits and freezes them to get the best extracts. These extracts proved to reduce melanin production by almost 25 per cent during in vitro tests.

There are six new formulas in Clarins’ White Plus Pure Translucency collection.

The Brightening Creamy Mousse Cleanser is lovely. Lightly scented with an uplifting floral fragrance, the cleanser is dispensed through a self-foaming pump. So you get a relatively dense, cushion-y foam straight from the pump without having to lather it manually first. It gets rid of my base make-up effectively, without leaving it dry and tight.

If you have oily or combination skin, opt for the Brightening Aqua Treatment Lotion. The clear viscous liquid refreshes the skin while keeping it supple and soft.

For those with drier skin, the luxurious Brightening Milk Treatment Lotion is a good option. The concoction is thick and milky when dispensed, but sinks so easily into the skin with no greasy after feel. It is soothing, hydrating, and leaves a satiny-finish.

The Brightening Emulsion comes in two versions: with SPF20 PA+++ and without. Both have a cushion-y texture with a velvet-matte finish. One of the most comfortable lightweight moisturisers around.

My favourite from the collection has got to be the Brightening Revive Night Mask-Gel. It has a gel texture that is readily absorbed by the skin, while cocooning it with moisture to keep it supple while one sleeps.

To give my skin extra TLC, I add a few drops of the Booster to the Emulsions and  Night Mask-Gel.

After using the products for a week, my skin looks clearer and brighter.

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