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Clarins Double Serum 8th Generation

TBG Skincare Picks 2017

Skincare products launched in 2017 that are TBG-approved, so worth your time and money. Click on the highlighted links for the deets. Find out more about this night cream that gives the skin an improved glow and clarity overnight. Read on for further details on the Rice Power serum that soaked and hydrated the skin most effectively. TBG’s favourite face oil of 2017. A sheet mask made with Gore-Tex? We’re in. A surprisingly good soft cream TBG fell for. An iconic beauty formula made even better in 2017. A multi-purpose mask-moisturiser-primer, with a most interesting texture. The best pulpy sheet mask at a great price. A customisable, modular mask for that instant, long-lasting glow. Pamper those peepers with these potent skincare patches.

Origins Clear Improvement and Modern Friction: Gentle but effective deep cleansing

Origins’ launches this year have been impressively effective. Its new trio of skincare products offer a deep yet gentle cleansing of the visage. The Modern Friction Cleansing Oil is as pretty as it is beneficial for the skin. The formula has a gold and lavender gradient, as it is made up of radiance-boosting white and purple rice oils that are mixed only when you pour the viscous concoction into your palms. And something interesting happens when you apply the oil onto your face: a soothing warm sensation that softens skins, melts away makeup, and widens pores for deep cleansing. Add water to turn oil into a milky emulsion, and rinse. This formula – which contains rice bran oil, camphor extract, and soybean oil – left my skin supple, clean, smooth, and actually clearer. Origins’ new exfoliating products are made for different skin types. For those with oilier skin, pick the Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Exfoliating Cleansing Powder. Add a splash of water (or even a light watery toner) to the fine sooty charcoal powder with …

Origins Mix & Mask Pods

Masking frequently is the best thing you can do for your skin, even when you are on the road. Origins’ new Mix & Mask set lets you pick any six handy 10ml mask pods at $20 with $80 purchase at Origins stores located in Singapore at Ion Orchard, Nex Serangoon, Centrepoint Orchard. Each pod is generous, and good enough for at least three uses. These sample-sized pods are also perfect if you want to give Origins’ range of best-selling masks a try before you decide on a full-sized tube. The options: Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask to treat dehydrated skin through the night: rose, myrtle leaf, and bitter orange flower waters, chamomile flower extract, black currant seed, bitter almond kernel, camphor bark, orange peel, apricot kernel oils; osmanthus flower, rosa damascena, bitter orange flower, aloe leaf, rice, oat kernel, olive fruit extracts; orange peel wax, mango seed butter; apricot kernel, and avocado oils. Drink Up 10 Minute Mask to hydrate thirsty skin in a jiffy: carnauba wax, apricot kernel oil, algae extract. Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask for …

Origins Flower Fusion Sheet Masks 

Origins is stepping up its game with new offerings (that come quickly and furiously) to lure Millennials; and its latest launch is a series of $5 quick-fix sheet masks. They tick all the right boxes. Made with sustainable bamboo pulp sheets, which are of the right thickness and absorbency level to soak skin in a watery gel serum. Although you are only supposed to leave this mask on for 10 minutes, it was still relatively damp when I removed it after 20 minutes. The material clings well to the face, so reading or Instagramming while masking with it is a breeze. The sheets are of the perfect size and shape. Many masks are too large for my face (I hate it when sheet masks get onto my hairline); this one wraps nicely just on the edge of my visage. Sealed in colourful packets, these are made with flower waxes and essential oils which make them extra pleasurable to use when all you want to do is relax. With colourful flowers as its theme, there are …

Origins Three-Part Harmony

Origins’ new Three-Part Harmony Soft Cream and Foaming Cream-to-Oil Cleanser, are luxurious additions to the brand’s line-up. The cream is whipped but not exactly lightweight. Thanks to a “micro-droplet technology”, it hydrates the skin intensively but without clogging it up and leaving behind an oily film. The formula contains Tazetta lily bulbs for skin regeneration, white myrtle to purify, and Japanese knot weed to protect and firm. This rich cream also contains shea butter and Vitamin E to keep skin soft and hydrated. Because of its rich and whipped texture, I prefer to use this rich cream at night. It left my skin feeling bouncier, smoothe, moisturised and clear the next morning. The Foaming Cream-to-Oil Cleanser is a soothing cream cleanser for drier skin types. It also creates enough slick for a good facial massage in the shower. Perfect for a gentle morning cleanse (when you don’t have to remove make-up, dirt and excess sebum), and all you need is a comforting cleanser to perk your skin up. These two are currently staples in my …

Limited Edition Chinese New Year skincare

When brands rejuvenate their tried-and-tested formulas with limited edition packaging, they are clearly rewarding the  beauty junkies and enticing new users. So besides the sparkly shiny happy Holiday sets, the latest special Chinese New Year offerings are as coveted. Especially when they come with matching red packets to up-your style game over the New Year. Estee Lauder’s sexy metallic red Advanced Night Repair serum is available at Estee Lauder Singapore counters for a limited period. This serum is perfect for keeping skin supple while you stay up through those late nights this festive period. ANR always keeps my skin looking more awake than I really am. While Origins’ Make A Difference Plus Rejuvenating Treatment is a lightweight gel moisturiser that locks in moisture, and made all the better with a stylish rooster illustration ✌🏻️

Origins Rituali Tea range

Trump won the US elections earlier today. And when the going gets tough, the tough gets masking. Increasingly, I’ve come to realise that to do well in the corporate boardroom, rest and “me-time” is incredibly important. To be sharp and efficient in the office, I need at least two to three hours of “me time” to read, meditate, put on a mask; and at least eight hours of sleep. Origins’ new Rituali Tea range is perfect for my beauty night caps. Although I prefer to stay away from tea before bed – the caffeine will keep me up the entire night – I appreciate the anti-oxidant packed leaves blended in masks. Inspired by tea rituals, the range is an indulgent home spa one; especially when you have the time to wind down in the evening or over the weekend. The Matcha Madness Revitalising Powder Face Mask with Matcha & Green Tea ($68) and Oolong-La Purifying Powder Face Mask with Oolong Black Tea & Chai Spices ($68) actually froths up like real tea latte when you …

Origins Mega-Mushroom Skin Relief Soothing Treatment Lotion

Origins’ bestselling lotion from its signature Dr Andrew Weil range now comes in a limited edition bottle and an extra large 400ml size ($99). Formulated with the potent reishi mushroom and antioxidant-rich sea buckthorn, the relatively viscous lotion is made to calm sensitive skin, while protecting and softening it. Perfect for use in this hazy weather. Use it as the first step of your skincare routine after cleansing and before the serum, for more supple, smoother, and more resilient skin. I love its fresh herbal scent too, which reminds me of a resort spa. Other reasons to love Origins:  The formulas are made without parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, paraffin, synthetic colour and fragrances – just what those with intolerant skin, needs.  Dr Andrew Weil also donates all after-tax profits of his royalties to the Weil Foundation; which champions integrative, and more humane medical treatments. 

Origins’ new masking essentials

When there’s so much to do between the deadlines, online shopping at midnight and catching up on Orange Is The New Black episodes, it is little wonder that you don’t have time for a spa session.  So brands like Origins are stepping up on its masking range, so you can get your DIY facial done infront of the screen at home. I really like the new By All Greens deep cleansing mask. The creamy formula foams up like most oxygen masks when you spread it onto the skin. Made with green tea, spirulina and spinach, it perked up my skin like a vitamin shot. It felt plump and had a nice glow. My skin did not feel too tight and dry afterwards, while the pores looked finer too. Spritz on the Maskimizer Primer (which works like a regular skin softener) before applying the mask for best results. The new GinZing Peel-off Mask is a little tricky to apply.  The formula contains quite a bit of alcohol, it can sting and smart the eyes as you …