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Dyson Airwrap

Dyson Airwrap Review

I waited a long time before taking the plunge with the Dyson Airwrap this Christmas. The set does not come cheap and I wasn’t sure if it was worth it at S$699. So is it? Here’s a quick review so you can make up your mind. These convinced me: 1. Soft bouncy curls A key selling point, the Airwrap uses innovative technology to create special airflow that enable your locks to wrap easily around the curlers. Great for hairstyling noobs like me (I always feel I need three or four arms to get a proper blow out with a brush and hairdryer). With blasts of hot and cold air, you end up with soft, shiny and bouncy curls. You have to divide your hair in small sections though, as only a relatively thin layer can be curled effectively around each barrel, each time.

Dyson Hair SuperSonic hairdryer

Say hello to the game-changing hairdryer. Dyson – maker of (literally) the coolest fans and some of the most powerful vaccuum machines around – has launched its first hairdryer. And it has that signature negative space – a circle for this gadget- that makes it so coveted; at least in our books. Because you need to look stylish even when drying your hair. Here’re the other reasons we think the SuperSonic is revolutionary: 1) The design is ergonomic. The motor is tucked into the handle of the hairdryer, instead of the head/ near the nozzle. The weight of the dryer is balanced in the grasp of your hands, so you will find it easier to perfect that blow dry. 2) It is a multi-tasker. The gadget distributes negative ions to reduce static, keeping hair smooth and slick. 3) Super-powerful. Though small, the motor’s impellers are cut from aerospace-grade aluminium. It moves over 13 litres of air at high-velocity and high-pressure through the gadget. So you can dry and style your hair quickly. 4) So easy to use. You can make …