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TBG Interview: Indie Lee Skincare founder, Indie Lee

A rare brain tumour was the rude awakening for Indie Lee.

She was given six months to live, but survived it. The doctors said it could be the result of an unhealthy environment and the products she was applying on her skin.

Following the brand’s debut at Sephora Singapore’s recent Spring/Summer 2019 launch, Indie Lee shares with The Beauty Gazette her trigger for a fuller life, and the creation of a  cleaner beauty brand.

After I was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor in 2008, and recovered from it, I made it my mission to educate and empower others to live their healthiest lives. Our products serve to underline this message.

When I first started the brand, I had no beauty experience and no industry connections – I was previously in accounting. But I was on a mission and I found my way. For us, it’s really speaking to a psychographic versus a demographic. We aren’t chasing one profile or age group. We want to connect with people undergoing a transformation in their life, be it pregnancy, a health scare, or simply looking for a change and a cleaner lifestyle. 

There is absolutely no reason why clean products can’t be as effective if not more than conventional products on the market. It may be more difficult, but it’s possible. I work with chemists to marry nature with science to create high performance skincare Clean beauty is not a fad or a trend, it’s the new standard.

Indie Lee Hero Trio

Indie Lee Hero Trio


Our bestsellers are the Brightening Cleanser, CoQ-10 Toner and Squalane Facial Oil. They also all work so well together. But the next big thing will be our I-Waken Eye Serum. It is my go-to for faking a full night’s sleep, which is necessary with all the traveling I do. The serum is formulated with arnica, mountain ash bud and spirulina to address the appearance of puffiness and fine lines. It is also super lightweight, so it is great for people who are not a fan of thicker eye creams. The name is also symbolic of my journey, from my literal awakening from surgery to the rest of my life, a life that needs to be lived more vibrantly.

A day of self care and face masks is my personal favorite, I do this every Sunday. We call our signature skin routine the Ritual, which includes the steps Prepare, Perfect, Prevent, Protect and Boost. We believe in keeping routines simple but effective, so we created this ritual so it’s easier for people to select what they need.

  • Prepare: The first step with cleansers.
  • Perfect and Prevent: Solution-based treatments, like serums.
  • Protect: Moisturise.
  • Boost: Something extra, like the Banish Stick for blemishes.

Wellness is the next thing for my brand. I am so excited to enter this space since it’s so important to me personally. We’re rolling out products that aim to speak to every person’s version of wellness, be it physical, emotional or spiritual. For anyone who is looking to learn more about my journey, watch our brand video here!

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Photos: Indie Lee Skincare

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