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TBG Interview: Legology founder, Kate Shapland

Legs for days.

That was all former beauty journalist Kate Shapland wanted.

Inspired by the renowned Leg School spa in Capri, she turned her insecurity about her legs into a winning formula.

Kate speaks with The Beauty Gazette at the recent Net-A-Porter Beauty Trend Presentation in Singapore last month.

Kate Shapland, Legology

Kate Shapland

I am obsessed with legs, but I dislike my own. We all have something about ourselves that we don’t like. While working in the beauty business as a journalist, whenever a new must-try product for legs was launched, I always felt it just doesn’t tick all the boxes.  There are products that are practical and do the job but don’t smell great or particularly good to use; and on the other end, expensive designer anti-cellulite products that don’t do much. There’s nothing much in between. So I saw a real opportunity to start a brand that looked after legs, dedicated to legs, but also a joy to use.

I thought about starting Legology for 15 years. But it was never the right place or the right time. Because I was a journalist, I always felt I didn’t have the business savvy. In the end, I realised that because it was my idea, I had to face the demon and make it happen. I went to a famous chemist in the UK, and went from there. It took us four years, because the formula kept falling apart, going green, and all those terrible things, because it is strong. In the end, we got there. I only made 500 bottles because that was all I could afford to make. And I sold them all to Liberty in London, in 2013. By the end of the month it was gone. That was how I launched the brand with Air Lite.

I wanted an effective deep drainage treatment with prolonged effects that you feel immediately and lasts through the day. Almost like vascular gymnastics.

The texture of Air Lite is like the inside of an uncooked runny meringue, and scented with Amalfi lemon. The idea was not just to provide that lightening and contouring benefit for the leg, but also the feel-good element. Apply it and feel better, whether it be a cold morning or at the end of a hot day; when the feet feels draggy and you need an uplift.

Legology Sun Lite Sheer Lingerie

Sun Lite Sheer Lingerie

Sun Lite Sheer Lingerie is like a tinted moisturiser for the face. For days when you need a slight tan, but want to be able to wash it off at the end of the day.

Exfo-lite Stimulating Salts is an exfoliator. It has deep drainage and diuretic properties, and contains pink Himalayan salt, sea salt, and lemon peel, to add a glow. It comes in a sachet so you can add the detoxing Cellu-Lite oil, and mix it up. One 50ml packet is also enough for use on the entire body.

The Cellu-Lite oil is a blend of aromatherapy oils that targets cellulite and congestion. Use only on areas where you feel puffy, such as the hips, and near the underarm. Apply it in the day, as it can be too stimulating before bedtime. Or put it in the bath for a pick-me-up. It contains Siberian fir, juniper, eucalyptus. This product is now coming up as a bestseller

Legology Cellu-Lite Oil

Cellu-Lite Oil


Everyone knows about dry skin brushing, but think it is boring. So I designed this brush which is easy to use. Made with natural bristles and wood, in a palm size. Just use quick flicks in the direction of the heart. Don’t rub the brush into the skin, you are not massaging away fat, but just encouraging lymph circulation just under the surface of the skin. Do it everyday for less than a minute to kickstart the body’s circulation. Use it dry before a shower, wet in the shower or afterwards.


How I treat my legs before and after a long flight? I put Air Lite on under my compression socks. Then when I get to the hotel,  I put Air Lite in the fridge. I use the Stimulating Salts in the shower, and apply the cream afterwards. Then I put my feet up against the wall to help with the drainage.

Legology’s Celebrity clients? I don’t usually talk about them, but they include Kate Moss, Kelly and Victoria Beckham.

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Photos: Legology

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