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ReFa Skincare: New formulas to complement platinum rollers

To enhance the instant lifting and sculpting effects of its bestselling platinum-plated rollers, Japanese beauty label ReFa has extended its skincare line. Interestingly, the latest formulas immediately tighten, firm, and moisturise the skin. Few products promise and deliver on that. The products are also lightweight and easy to layer so that you can use them in tandem with the facial tools. TBG’s picks: Expression Booster Serum (S$95) with hyaluronic acid, collagen, elastin, colloidal platinum and marjoram extract Expression Rising Lotion (S$100) containing phytopolyamine from soybean, as well as marjoram and juniper extracts Expression High Tension Mask (S$80 for 4 pcs) wraps around the jawline and neck with double ear loops. The fabric mask is soaked with angelica keiskei, growth factors as well as citrus and chamomile extracts. Watch to see how it works.

ReFa Clear

The latest beauty device from Japanese label ReFa is a cleansing one that taps on sonic ion technology to rid skin of impurities. ReFa Clear (S$360) deep cleanses with a replace-able ultra-fine, dome-shaped¬†brush manufactured in Kumano, Japan that reaches round the contours of the face. The¬†kumanofude glides and vibrates with sonic waves, and is charged with negative ions to exfoliate and repel debris. The device has three speeds: a soft one for gentle morning cleansing; a stronger one for ridding residual makeup at the end of the day; and the strongest mode is for a power-cleansing session. This gadget is also best used with the ReFa Cream Wash, which lathers well to produce a rich, cushiony, and smooth foam that gives the cleansing device a better glide on the skin. The wash also contains fruit extracts – hydrolysed prune and pear juice ferment filtrate – to soften and exfoliate dead skin. For me, the distinguishing feature between the ReFa Clear and other sonic cleansing devices is how gentle it is on the skin. My face …