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Sulwhasoo Facial Treatment at Tang Plaza, Orchard Road

A facial treatment at Sulwhasoo soothes frayed nerves and perks up tired skin.

The relaxing ritual begins with deep breaths of a scent of your choice: sandalwood, frankincense, pine, or plum blossom.

I chose to indulge in the calming woodiness and incense-tinged sandalwood; and was told that the scent would be added in the skincare formulas used in my treatment.

I tried the Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Treatment ($220 for 60 minutes), an anti-ageing routine using the Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream EX and complementary products, to rejuvenate the skin.

A series of deep-cleansing steps, and masking are accompanied by the therapist’s deep and firm strokes that drain the lymph nodes on the face, d√©colletage and chest.

There are no extraction procedures in Sulwhasoo facials.

Following a warm compress, icy cool jade applicators were used for a refreshing facial massage that tightened and firmed my skin.

The treatment felt so good; the 60-minute session felt short; a 90-minute one would have been perfect.

After the facial, my skin had a mega-watt glow and was tighter, smoother, with pores that look smaller. The water retention in my face was gone; making it look more contoured. Fine lines around my eyes also looked less visible.

The effects lasted for at least three days.

The luxurious Sulwhasoo facial treatments are now available on L4 of Tangs at Tang Plaza, Orchard Road.

Picture: Sulwhasoo 

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