Pramasana Scalp Treatment at Urbanhair, Tangs Orchard

A healthy and clean scalp gives you lush locks, simple as that.

The hair follicles on your scalp are most likely clogged with dead skin cells, product build-up and excess sebum (gross, indeed) if:

  • you use plenty of hairstyling products or heavy conditioners;
  • your hair is often greasy at the roots;
  • your scalp flaky;
  • and a scalp-clarifying shampoo or scalp treatment is foreign to you.

An unhealthy scalp could then lead to dandruff, thin and lifeless hair.

(This follows the same logic as to why you get clogged pores and acne when you wear plenty of makeup but do not deep-cleanse the skin.)

So consider a simple, gentle and effective scalp-balancing treatment like the Pramasana Scalp routine by Aveda at Urbanhair (from $105 for men and $170 for ladies, 60 mins).

It takes just an hour, with no gimmickry (we’ve tried enough of those with infrared lights 😑, hot air treatment caps 😧, blood tests 😱, etc. )

The routine begins with a quick shoulder and neck massage, followed by a gentle massaging of the scalp with a special brush to loosen the build-up, and improve circulation.

The Pramasana Purifying Scalp Cleanser, an exfoliating lotion is then applied on the scalp and massaged in with zig zag motions and soothing pressure-point massages.

The lotion contains seaweed extract to balance sebum levels in the skin, lactobacillus to strengthen it, tamanu oil to protect, and a babassu cleansing agent to deep-cleanse.

The cypress-neroli-grapefruit scent also relaxes the senses.

During the treatment, the solution leaves the scalp feeling minty and tingly. After 15 minutes, it is shampooed off, and your hair is conditioned based on its needs.

Next, the leave-in Pramasana Protective Scalp Concentrate is massaged into the skin to nourish, strengthen and protect the skin.

The session is completed with a blowdry.

My scalp felt completely clean afterwards.

Plus, seeing is believing. Under the camera that zoomed right to my follicles, the bottom of each hair shaft was free of any residue. And my scalp looked clear and translucent.

Call 6737 7813 to make an appointment.

Improve your posture at Orchard Health Lifestyle

A bad posture is never sexy.

But long hours spent hunched over the desk to meet that deadline, or crouching over mobile devices to scroll through online ‘zines, shopping sites and Instagram, may leave you with tight shoulder, neck and back muscles.

Even that gym or circuit session where you (purposely) forgot to stretch, could leave you with knotted muscles and joints that are out of line, leading to a lousy posture.

I have very tight shoulders, and sometimes get a stabbing pain in my arms. My posture could be better too. I spend long hours with my arms scrunched and tensed infront of my laptop at work; love to plank, and hate to stretch.

At the new Orchard Health Lifestyle (L4 Tangs, Tang Plaza, Orchard Road), an offshoot of the osteopathic Orchard Health Clinic, I tried its 30-minute Joint Centralisation Technique (JCT) on my upper body.

While the therapists at Orchard Health Lifestyle are not osteopaths, they are trained in the JCT which aims to align the joints, with gentle twisting of the body, and deep tissue massage.

Kwan, the therapist who treated me, had strong but firm moves. He got to the right spots to soothe the tension; such as the areas in between my shoulder blades, and next to my arm pits.

Just after one session; he helped to relieve the tension in my neck, shoulders, and arms by 50 per cent.  I also felt like I stood taller, my arm movements got smoother and upper body muscles were less hard and tense. My triceps and shoulders felt sore the next day, but Kwan had already told me that is to be expected.

A few sessions and a change in my lifestyle habits (such as the way I stretch, sit, etc.) are necessary for a more complete correction.

If possible, get a full body JCT per session. As Kwan informs me, issues in the lower half of the body may have caused the problems in the upper half; and vice versa.

Orchard Health Lifestyle is not the place if you have serious sport injuries that need proper medical and osteopathic care.

But if all you need is quick and instant relief from aching muscles, and to increasingly improve your posture; we would recommend sessions there.

A JCT Upper or Lower Body starts from $65 for 30 minutes.

Osteopath Martin John and director Adela Yeo of the Orchard Health Clinic
Osteopath Martin John and director Adela Yeo of the Orchard Health Clinic

Sulwhasoo Facial Treatment at Tang Plaza, Orchard Road

A facial treatment at Sulwhasoo soothes frayed nerves and perks up tired skin.

The relaxing ritual begins with deep breaths of a scent of your choice: sandalwood, frankincense, pine, or plum blossom.

I chose to indulge in the calming woodiness and incense-tinged sandalwood; and was told that the scent would be added in the skincare formulas used in my treatment.

I tried the Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Treatment ($220 for 60 minutes), an anti-ageing routine using the Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream EX and complementary products, to rejuvenate the skin.

A series of deep-cleansing steps, and masking are accompanied by the therapist’s deep and firm strokes that drain the lymph nodes on the face, décolletage and chest.

There are no extraction procedures in Sulwhasoo facials.

Following a warm compress, icy cool jade applicators were used for a refreshing facial massage that tightened and firmed my skin.

The treatment felt so good; the 60-minute session felt short; a 90-minute one would have been perfect.

After the facial, my skin had a mega-watt glow and was tighter, smoother, with pores that look smaller. The water retention in my face was gone; making it look more contoured. Fine lines around my eyes also looked less visible.

The effects lasted for at least three days.

The luxurious Sulwhasoo facial treatments are now available on L4 of Tangs at Tang Plaza, Orchard Road.

Picture: Sulwhasoo 

M’Pir The Nail Bar, Tangs

When you want a quick mani and pedi in the heart of town that is neat, refined, and lasting; consider M’Pir The Nail Bar now relocated to the level 4 beauty floor of Tangs at Tang Plaza, Orchard Road.

I had a pedicure on a pair of busted toes that were in dire need of grooming; and mani with the trending metallic chrome finish (see main pic), all done simultaneously within a speedy 90 minutes.

The nail technicians were precise in their work, friendly, and professional. The tools were all properly sterilised; the space well-ventilated and roomy.

M’Pir also offers a range of toulene-, formaldehyde-, and dibutyl phthalate-free nail polish and gels. 

Watch a snippet of how I got my Angelpro gel chrome nails done at M’Pir.

Call +65 6732 9001 for appointments.

Aesop Facial Appointments, Singapore

In March, we visited Aesop’s Nakameguro store in Tokyo to experience its indulgent face spa

This month, the brand launches its signature facials at the newly renovated beauty floor on level 4 of Tangs at Tang Plaza in Orchard.

As with all Aesop spaces, this one at Tangs is calm, tranquil and cocooning with its dark green accents (the marble is gorgeous), light birchwood shelving, and gleaming brass sinks.

Aesop Singapore, Tangs

Just like the space at Nakameguro, this Aesop spa features a spacious room with a super-sized single bed. 

For sure, this is not one of those facial rooms that are sliced up so much that you can barely stretch (or breathe in). The changing area is also roomy, so the experience is complete. 

This is why Aesop can only take up to four appointments per day; there is only space for one customer at any one time. 

The automated bed that can be adjusted to the curve of your body, is supremely comfortable with warm blankets.

Watch for a virtual tour of the space.

About the treatments: There are six options for various skin conditions, each costs $150 for 60 minutes; $180 for 75 minutes.

As my skin was looking tired and dull from the lack of sleep in the past couple of weeks, the therapist suggested I try the Lactate Surge treatment to boost my skin’s cell turnover rate.

The pampering session comprises of deep cleansing, exfoliation, light extraction, hot compress, masking, as well as a satisfying massage that extends from the face to the neck, decolletage and arms, right up to the scalp.

(This treatment may leave your hair mussed up, so schedule it on a day when you don’t have to go anywhere fancy after. Or just head to the nearby Urbanhair salon for a blowdry.)

Some of the products used left a slight tingling sensation on my skin, but that is to be expected as lactic acid and sodium lactate were used to remove surface skin cells.

Afterwards, my mind and body was thoroughly refreshed; my skin was firmer, glowing (and glossy, even); and my shoulders less tense. I had a good nap too as the room was so comfortable; so I left recharged. Results are expected to last a week.

The other treatments available are:

Skin Quench for dry, stressed skin; recommended to prepare skin before a long-haul flight, change of seasons, or a big event.

Calm Correct for balancing combination, sensitive skin after breakouts or a stressful period.

Detox Anew to decongest irritated skin; complements a detox diet.

Parsley Seed Intensive is an antioxidant-rich treatment for mature or skin in need of urgent maintenance; fortifies the face against pollutants.

To book, click here; or call +65 6836 4748.

Aesop Tangs Facial is located at 310 Orchard Road S238864

Photos: Aesop