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Skin Inc Facial In A Flash Mask Series

Keeping true to its customised, made-to-measure skincare formulas, Skin Inc has launched a multi-masking series it claims to be a world first.

The concept is simple but clever: three kinds of hydrogel masks themed on precious metals are split into half. So you get to mix and match the upper and lower halves based on how your skin feels. Because maybe your eye and cheek areas need extra hydration, while the areas around your mouth and jawline need lifting.

Some brands have already produced masks that are split in half for a better fit, but none offer different versions of the halves for a customised masking experience.

Skin Inc offers its masks in Rose Gold, Platinum, Black Gold.

Rose Gold: For anti-aging and lifting, with Vitamin A, rose extract, gold, centella asiatica, peony root extract.

Platinum: For brightening, infused with Vitamin B3, platinum and floral extracts (matricaria, Japanese cherry flower, lotus, lily).

Black Gold: To soothe and purify, containing Vitamin C, charcoal, gold, wild yam root, peony root, willow bark, matricaria flower extract, oregano, soybean ferment, hinoki cypress extracts.

These made-in-Korea gel masks feel refreshing against the skin. Also, though thin and jelly-like, the sheets do not tear at all (I tried to rip it apart to no avail), as a strong fibre sheet is sandwiched between the gel.

I paired the Platinum Mask with the Rose Gold one to soothe my tired eye area and give the lower half of my face a lift.

These masks tend to slide, so put them on when you’re lying down (and get a complete 20-minute beauty nap).

The sheets felt tingly on my skin, and overall, left it looking glowing, refreshed, hydrated, firmer and smoother.

A perfect primer before my regular skincare and make-up routine, for a super dewy-looking complexion.


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