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Clarins Booster

Just like how you would pop vitamin pills – or perhaps even take a vitamin shot in the arm – to get a quick charge so you can go about slaying the day; Clarins’ new Booster drops are made to give your skin that extra TLC even when you are on-the-go.

Just pick the right one for your skin condition and lifestyle, add a few drops into the moisturiser or foundation, blend in your palms and apply.

I really like how the watery serums are super lightweight and almost odourless. So it blends right into my regular skincare creams and foundation without changing its consistency. And yet, I get the extra skincare benefits which I feel almost immediately.

After using it for the past week, my skin looks clearer and perkier; and more awake in the mornings.

Because switching up your skincare routine is troublesome, just add a few drops to the ritual for maximum benefits.


The Energy Booster ($65) is customised for those who are often up late, have a hectic lifestyle, jet-lagged, or on a diet.

Its main ingredient is ginseng to fight skin-fatigue, add a glow, tone and re-energize.


As its name suggests, the Detox Booster ($65) is for the party animal, smoker, those who live in polluted environments, and are prone to over-indulge in processed foods.

The main ingredient? Green coffee to plump up skin, detox and revive it.


The Repair Booster ($65) takes care of stressed and sensitised skin: sunburns, harsh climates, and hard water.

Mimosa tenuiflora, a traditional Mayan herb, is added to calm and soothe, reduce redness, and strengthen skin.


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