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Canvas Stress Relieving Set

Natural plant oils are my favourite skincare items.

Because they penetrate the skin easily, are effective, and the quality ones are free of nasty chemicals.

So when I spotted these at Maven, I had to try them.

This set is unique as it comes with tiny 1ml bottles of organic and pure essential oils to be added into the larger 50ml bottles of pure sweet almond oil.

The essential oils comprise of bergamot (an anti-depressant that also stimulates the appetite); Egyptian geranium (to balance emotions and hormones, reduce anxiety and tension); and (calming) lavender.

So you can pick, and blend whichever best suits your state of mind and body.

When the essential oils are blended into the sweet almond oil, you get a beautifully scented body massage oil or luxurious skin-hydrator.

The oil is absorbed easily, with sticky after feel, and skin is left soft, smooth and supple.


Quick 101 on essential oils and carrier oils

Essential oils are super potent and can really affect the body’s disposition, so a tiny bit is all you need for stimulation. Examples include cypress, clary sage, blue chamomile, cedar wood and jasmine.

Carrier oils are nourishing for the skin but less potent, and they make good mediums for the dilution of essential oils. Examples include avocado oil, jojoba oil, olive oil and wheatgerm oil.

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