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Philosophy Ultimate Miracle Worker Pearl Mask

I’ve tried many masks, but nothing like this. 

The active anti-ageing ingredients apricot oil and hyaluronic acid are encapsulated in a pearlescent jelly material, so they remain fresh. 

This pearlescent jelly material cannot be dissolved when rubbed onto the skin. 

The pearls are submerged in a clear gel made of a pea extract and moisturising peptides.

So, you put a spatula of the pearls into a muslin sachet (each box comes with 12 disposable sachets).  Then press onto the pearls in the bag to burst and apply them onto the skin. 

The watery serum is very lightweight and even foams up a little as I gently rub the bag in circular motions onto the skin. The best part? My skin is gently exfoliated at the same time. 

This product feels more like an exfoliator and serum more than a mask. 

I used this Pearl Mask on clean skin before bed, in place of my serum and noisturiser. But if you have dry skin, layer a cream on top. 

The next morning, after one use, my skin felt a little firmer, smoother and brighter (possibly from the exfoliation). 

Made for use three times a week; best results when used for four weeks in a row. 

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  1. Living Whenever Inspiration Strikes says

    I’ve never heard of a pearl mask but this sounds amazing! Thanks fkr sharing this post!

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