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Skin Inc’s new serums

These coloured dropper bottles, each filled with little pastel-coloured globules suspended in a clear liquid.

Slowly but surely, these bottles – that come in technicolor shades – are becoming iconic and making waves in the international market.

What Skin Inc offers is something I have not seen in any other beauty label: skincare that is simple, effective, and customised to one’s skin condition.

There are 10 serums to choose from, and each contains one main active ingredient that addresses a specific skin concern.

The active ingredient is encapsulated in those pastel-coloured bubbles so it is kept fresh, and burst upon application. The clear liquid is made of water and skin-hydrating glycerin.

Because the active ingredients are encapsulated, customisation is simple and can even be done at home. It is all a matter of mixing up to three of the individual serums that suit your skin concerns into one bottle.

French pine bark – Antioxidant protection

Vitamin A – Even out skin tone

Chlorella – Brighten and anti-spot

Licorice – Calm irritated skin

Hyaluronic acid – Long-lasting hydration

Ceramide – Strengthen and soothe

Collagen – Boost elasticity and smoothness

Vitamin C – Re-balance and anti-spot

Coenzyme Q10 – Re-energize

(New!) Vitamin B3 Serum – Anti-blemish, controls sebum production. It also contains hyaluronic acid and the anti-inflammatory Panthenol.


Because the serums are water-based, they have a refreshing gel texture, are lightweight and easily-absorbed.

Made for layering under moisturiser and sunscreen, or worn alone.

Each individual serum also comes in a handy 10ml size, so it is perfect for travel, or a post-gym skincare routine.

If you want a serum that is more potent on its own, try the new Skin-Revival Infusion Serum with apple stem cell extract that promises to be packed with anti-ageing goodness.


Find out more about the brand here, and here.

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