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Dr Jart Ceramidin Derma Technology sheet mask 

A good sheet mask is hard to find.

This one by Korean label Dr Jart is a pretty  decent one.

The sheet mask material is sturdy, slippery and pulpy with a smooth gel-like texture. It clings well to the face even when I am going about my chores in the home. It also holds enough of the serum to soak my face with moisture for 20 minutes before it felt a little dry.

And there was plenty of serum in the packet. There was enough for me to slather my face once more with the serum, my entire decolletage and the length of both arms. 

After peeling off the mask, I tapped the remaining essence into my face and followed up with my regular skincare routine.

The next morning, my face felt considerably smoother to the touch. 

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