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Clarins White Plus Tri-intensive Brightening Serum

I love the sun (relatively). 

I like to laze by the pool (on some days, but always under a huge umbrella), run in the outdoors (when there are pumping tracks on Spotify), feel the sun’s heat on my skin (after an entire day in a freezing office).

But I want to stay as fair and spotless as possible. 

If you are a Beauty Gazette reader, you’ll know what I mean. 

I don’t mind my arms and legs looking a little tanned, but I can’t let my face go one shade darker without feeling guilty. 

Perhaps because I think the skin on my face is alot more sensitive to UV rays and more prone to wrinkles and spots.

So I’m always slathering on copious amounts of sunscreen on it, as well as skin-brightening products.   

Clarins’ new White Plus spin-off is a recent discovery. I am loving its lightweight texture and barely-there floral scent (which surprisingly, does not irritate my skin which is intolerant to scented skincare). 

If you have youthful, supple skin, this formula which feels like a watery cream emulsion, could double up as a fine moisturiser. 

I have to layer moisturiser on top of this as my skin is getting drier now that I’m in my early 30s. 

In my opinion, Clarins is one of the few French brands which is holding its own against the Japanese labels (which are known for their brightening skincare).

The family-owned company just has a knack for new and innovative brightening formulas which are gentle on the skin at the same time. 

Results are promised after four weeks of continued use. I’ve only used this for three days; so I shall give an update on my skin condition early next month. (Update April 8: My skin indeed looks brighter and a little more translucent.)

Check back here then👌🏻

On a side note, oooh Clarins is now available for sale online in the geographically tiny Singapore. That makes beauty stock-ups so much more convenient. Can’t wait for more brands to follow suit!


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