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Julisis Gold Emulsion Day

The story behind German brand Julisis sounds like something straight out of an ancient alchemist’s leather-bound book.

The raw materials used in the formula are grown either wild or with the bio-dynamic farming method; while the formulas are made based on ancient alchemy.

Bio-dynamic farming is based on the patterns of the cosmos, where the plants supposedly get the full goodness of the energies from the sun and the moon.

This is the magical alchemy part: the main ingredients used in the collection are precious metals, such as fermented gold, silver and copper. Soaked in a vat of acid, the molten metals are stirred based on celestial movements.

This may all sound fluffy and puffy, but the proof is in the product.

This Gold Emulsion Day moisturiser is unlike any other I have used. It is rich and greasy to the touch when out of the pump, but it is absorbed very quickly – as though my skin cells are sucking all the goodness in – and my skin is left completely moisturised and matte the entire day.

During application, I can even feel a nice, feel-good tingling, buzzing sensation in my skin sometimes.

I do not even need a serum. This is how potent the stuff is. It also calms any redness and irritation on my skin almost inmediately.

That is not surprising, considering what goes into the bottle.

If you only want to use one leave-on skincare product (apart from sunscreen because that is essential for youthful-looking skin), this would be it.

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