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Iope Moisture Skin Soft Peeling Gel

I picked up this mid-priced gel exfoliant from Aritaum in Seoul when I was there earlier this year, and I’ll surely re-stock when I’m back in Kimchi Land.

Most peeling gels – the kind where you rub onto your skin till you get white little balls which are apparently your dead skin cells – over strip my skin. 

They leave my skin feeling sensitive, as well as tight and dry afterwards. But somehow, this Iope one does not exfoliate too much and actually moisturises a little as well. 

When the South Korean’s formulations do work, they are rather exceptional.

This Iope Soft Peeling Gel is my go-to on days when I’m too lazy to use the Clarisonic; and other physical exfoliants feel too harsh on my skin. 

I use this in place of my regular cleanser once a week. 

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