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Make-up tips for the bride-to-be

  So now that you’ve got THE perfect dress, what about the make-up to match?

It’s wedding season almost all year round in Singapore. 

And because we’ve all seen enough brides with scary make-up, here are some tips for brides-to-be. So they (and us) will be spared from dealing with big-day make-up disasters. 

Because even if the dress looked beautiful, everyone will only remember the horrible face paint. 

The right make-up artist is as important as the dress. 

1) So start looking for one the moment your wedding date is fixed. The most popular artists are booked at least a year in advance.

2) Get word-of-mouth recommendations or pick artists’ whose “work” – (best friend’s/ cousin’s/sister’s bridal make-up) – you have seen up close and loved. And because you want someone who will actually turn up in the wee hours of the morning to prep you for your wedding day; actually seeing them in action before helps. 

3) Only pick experienced artists. No fresh-out-of-beauty school or Instagram “beauty guru” wannabes (even if their fees are super affordable) please. All credible artists spend at least two years apprenticing or working at the counters before they would know enough to get their skills down pat. 

4) Get an artist who can work under pressure. Because unexpected events may crop up; such as an eczema outbreak that needs to be soothed and covered up just before you walk the aisle. Only experienced artists (who have worked backstage on movie sets, photoshoots and runways) can deal with that. 

5) A follow-up to points 3 and 4: Be prepared to spend. The best ones in the market charge at least S$1K for a full-day morning and dinner make-up.

The right make-up artist would (should) know the following. If not, remind them.

1) A trial at least two months before the wedding is necessary. So just in case you hate the trial look, you have a sliver of a window to find someone else.

2) You should still look like yourself on your wedding day. Cos that’s who your husband-to-be wanted to marry. Contrary to belief and bad Instagram bridal make-up accounts, wedding make-up looks do not have to be dramatic and over-the-top.

3) As much as possible, use long-lasting waterproof make-up. Who has time for constant touch-ups when they just want to enjoy the day with loved ones?

4) HD make-up and nifty contouring tricks are essential for the flashing cameras and rolling videos.

Photo source: Instagram/ Berta Bridal

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