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Shaver of your dreams: Bolin Webb

It is one of life’s biggest mysteries. Most guys use shavers everyday. But so many of the handles are badly designed – plasticky, too light, slippery, weirdly angled – and the menfolk end up with a nick or two almost every morning. Set to do men’s faces right, Bolin Webb is an award-winning men’s grooming label famed for its ergonomic razor handles. Sleek and hefty, the handles are coated with elastomer skin on the underside; made for a firm grip, sharp turns, and a closer shave (hopefully, with zero bleeding).  To be used with the regular Gillette razors, the Bolin Webb handles come in a variety of luxe finishes, from chrome to 24-carat-gold. Now available at Maven, Takashimaya Department Store Level 3.

Clarins men’s skincare

When men decide it is time to give their skin some TLC, most don’t know where to start looking for skincare.  So they look in their wives’ or girlfriends’ beauty cabinets for an idea. Just like how my husband rummaged through mine and spotted Clarins.  And when he discovered that Clarins made skincare for men as well, he made a beeline for the counters.  This was 2005, and today, he is a skincare “expert”, and Clarins is still one of his favourite brands. Here are four new products to look out for:  1) Fresh Moisture Toner with Apple Vinegar: Formulated for Asian men, this toner is to be used right after cleansing and shaving. It contains apple vinegar to balance out skin that has been exposed to hard water. Skin is also softened and prepared for better absorption of skincare applied afterwards. 2) Line-Control Eye Balm: A lightweight eye cream that de-puffs eyebags, smoothen lines and firms the eye contour. Feels cool against the skin too. Apply on clean skin. 3) Line-Control Balm: A lightweight, non-greasy serum made …