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Model-actor Teddy Tang’s grooming tips

A new face to watch, the 30-year-old Singaporean will be starring in more than a handful of Singaporean dramas and variety shows come the later part of this year, and in 2017.

Just to name a few: Tanglin on Channel 5, as well as Closet Secrets, Dream Coders and Heroes on Channel 8.

Tang, who was previously based in Taipei to further his modelling career in the last four years, will also be co-hosting the new variety show, Let’s Go Dating. In this travelogue-reality TV-dating show, he explores the dating cultures from Chennai, India, to Hong Kong and Beijing, China.

Tang, who has a degree in mechanical and aerospace engineering, has walked the runway for Fendi, Issey Miyake and Dior in Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan. He has also appeared in the commercials and print ads of brands such as Samsung, Hyundai, Gucci and American Express in Singapore, Hong Kong, China and Taiwan.

“My end goal is to be recognised as an actor in Asia. I’d like to help put Singapore on the map for international film collaborations,” says Tang.

The lean, 1.88 metre-tall actor shares his grooming tips with The Beauty Gazette.

My must-have skincare products are a toner and moisturiser. For guys, I think these are enough. But because I wear make-up when I am in front of the camera, I have to clean my face really thoroughly when I get home.  If not, I get clogged pores and outbreaks. First, I use wet makeup wipes, followed by makeup remover-soaked cotton pads, a facial cleanser, then toner, and moisturiser.

I go for facials once a month too. I also use sheet masks at least once a week. I like the ones from Innisfree, and I buy them in bulk when I travel to South Korea. One important thing to remember when using sheet masks, never let them dry while on your skin; or it will remove the moisture from your face and make it feel even drier.

Whenever I go for a shoot, I always have my makeup pouch in my bag. Just in case there are no make-up artists on set, and I have to get myself ready for the camera. After applying a thin layer of moisturiser, I use the Mac Studio Fix Fluid SPF15 to even out my skin tone. This is followed by concealer to hide my dark eye circles, Mac Studio Fix Powder to set the makeup; and a bronzer to contour my face, and make it look less pale on camera. Then I finish my make-up with Mac Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder to keep my skin matte.

To deal with jet-lagged skin, I keep a can of water mist in my bag. Any brand would do; I spritz my face with it whenever it feels dry. While on the plane, I also drink lots of water and stay away from alcohol. If not, my skin will get so dry that it starts to peel.

I don’t take food that is too oily or spicy. I drink at least two litres of water a day. When I wake up, I down 600ml of water and nothing else for the next 45 minutes. This helps my body to detox in the morning.

To get rid of water retention, I go to the gym five or six times a week. I run, do weights, and then head to the steam room to sweat it out further. Red bean water also helps to remove water retention from the body. The convenience stores in Taiwan sell red bean water with no added sugar, so I drink that often too.

I am particular about my brows. Because once, someone over-plucked them and I was miserable for weeks. I visit this male beautician at Browhaus’ Wheelock outlet. He does a good job; he tidies up the stray hairs around my brows, without leaving them looking too thin.

My hair is naturally super-curly, because I am of Chinese, Japanese and Dutch descent. I used to always re-bond and dye my hair, so it ends up very dry and brittle, and looks like pork-floss. Now, I go to Passion Hair Salon once a month for a keratin treatment and a trim; and once every two weeks to maintain my haircut. To treat my hair at home, I use the Goldwell Kerasilk Shampoo and Conditioner.

I drink lots of coffee, so I make sure I put in the extra effort to keep my teeth white. Yellow teeth is obvious on camera. So once a week, I use a home teeth-whitening kit for an hour. So if anyone tries to call me within that hour, I would not be answering my phone because I literally cannot talk.

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