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Lush Holiday 2017

Colourful, cute, indulgent, and smelling like a fun time in the bath, it is easy to pick out soaps and bath bombs for people you care for at Lush this Xmas. The Beauty Gazette picks the cutest from the latest Holiday lot. The Snowman Bubbleroon, pictured above, S$15. Sicilian lemon, lemon myrtle oils, cocoa and Fairtrade shea butters, soya milk powder. Photos: Lush

Lush Halloween 2017

You may have outgrown trick and treatin’; and become too tired of the annual Halloween pub crawl in your sexy zombie/ vampire/ femme-fatale-met-with-accident outfit. And all you want to do is stay home, take a warm shower then luxuriate on your couch with a beauty mask and Netflix. But you could still get into the mood of Halloween with a stash of cute Lush body care shaped in one-eyed monsters, pumpkins and black kittens in a warm bath.         Photos: Lush

Lush opens its largest Singapore store at VivoCity

Lush Cosmetics’ fifth boutique in Singapore is also its largest one.  When picking up gifts, this store is where you should head to.  It has the brand’s widest range of products; from the perfumes, fresh face masks and bath bombs to the face creams, solid toothpaste, and other personal care products. Click here for a virtual tour of the store. Lush VivoCity is located at B1-04, 1 Harbourfront Walk.

TBG Interview: Rowena Bird, Lush co-founder

In today’s crowded global beauty market, there isn’t another brand quite like Lush. The British label is literally one of the most effervescent around: it is energetic, colourful, vivacious, dynamic, and its bestsellers include fizzy bathbombs that release a riot of colours and essential oil blends into the bathwater. Lush is also firm in its beliefs, everything from animal rights to environmental causes; and is loud and proud about it. Founded in 1995, Lush is actually an incarnation of the six founders’ previous mail order business, Cosmetics To Go (CTG) [more on this in Q&A below]. Today, Lush is available in 50 countries across more than 800 stores. Rowena Bird, one of the brand’s founders, tells The Beauty Gazette why, in the face of increased competition, Lush still stands out. Today, the beauty retail market is overcrowded. But what do you think has led to the success of the brand, so it can hold its own?  Lush is incredibly unique in what we offer โ€“ with creativity and innovation running through everything we do. When …

Lush Mother’s Day and solids collection

With Lush, bath time is never a quickie affair. The brand is about the bath bombs that turn the tub into an essential oil-infused body soak; the colourful bubble bars that leave your skin covered in crazy colours like neon pink and orange while you scrub; and so on. Lush products come in unexpected textures: solid hair conditioners and shampoos, toothpaste, mouthwash; wobbly jelly soaps; powdery bath bombs that fizzle like a coke in the water. Some of the ingredients are also good enough to eat. And the scents always hit you like… So bath times becomes a true ritual, where you take time to unwind and take stock of the day. The latest collection is no less fun. The Beauty Gazette‘s picks: Pink Custard Shower Jelly – with lavender oil, tonka absolute, vanilla absolute, neroli oil, organic coconut oil, brown sugar (keep it in the freezer for a super cooling wash on hot days)  Drop of Hope Hand & Body Soap – So interesting. This bar is made from rapeseed oil, sourced from the Minamisoma …

The Lush Easter ๐Ÿฃ Collection

There is always an occasion to pamper yourself in the ๐Ÿ›€ bathroom, like Easter Sunday. And Lush is all set to give you a good time in the privacy of your boudoir with a selection of cutesy chick ๐Ÿฅ and ๐Ÿฐ bunny-themed soaps, and bath bombs. All formulas leave you with softer, smoother, moisturised and deliciously scented skin. Like the Bunch of Carrots Bubble Bar ($25, pictured above), blended with Sicilian lemon, bergamot, and buchu oils.  Chick n Mix Bath Bomb ($19) A refreshingly sweet blend of bergamot oil and tonka absolute Which Came First? Bath Bomb, $20 Soak in Sicilian lemon ๐Ÿ‹ and grapefruit oils with this fizzy bath bomb Chocolate Easter Egg, $7.30/ 100g This soap is swirled with sweet white chocolate and citrus oils Flopsy Face Wash Jelly, $25 A wobbly jelly soap made with carrot ๐Ÿฅ• infusion and carrageenan extract Golden Egg Bath Bomb Melt, $ 15 A glittery mess of cocoa butter and sweet wild ๐ŸŠ orange

Lush V-Day collection

In the world of bath and body care, there are few indulgences like the beautifully-scented soap bars from Lush. This V-Day, the animal cruelty-free label offers a new range of colourful and fun options for bath time (on your own, or with your lover). The Over and Over Bath Bomb ($13) is perfect for a bathtub frolick. It is a cocoa butter coated lime and fennel oil bomb that explodes into a whirl of pink, orange and gold in the tub. The colourful silver-tinted, pastel-hued Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar ($14) is infused with relaxing lavender oil, and sexy neroli for a slick bath time. While the Cupid Bath Bomb ($10) is another option for an indulgent soak in the tub. Blended with rose, bergamot, and violet lead absolute. The new Kiss Me Quick Wash Card ($9) is super fun. Imagine a bar of soap but in the form of a thin business card. Made with fresh apple pulp, lemon and lime oil, and scented with ylang ylang, it is perfect for that getaway vacay with …

Lush Holiday 2016ย 

You can never miss aย Lushย store when it is near. Because your nose would pick up the distinct cacophony of scents of essential oils, before your eyes meet a riot of fun colours in the store. And when it is the Holiday season, Lush goes all out with its colourful soap bars, sparkly bath bombs, jelly concoctions, moisturising lotions, potions, and creams. All perfect for pampering yourself or other people as the year wraps up in a couple of months. There aren’t many other happier-looking stores in town when Lush is round the corner. Here’s why:       All that you see here are available at Lush stores in Singapore, now.

Fresh picks from Lush

In a sea of mass-produced, natural ingredient-based skincare products, British brand Lush stands out. For the simple reason that each bottle, tub, or tube comes with a sticker that tells you who made it, and when. Like how the tub of Salted Coconut Hand Scrub delivered to me was made by Vendula, a big-haired blonde lady (I know, because a cartoon rendering of her features is on the label) on January 20 this year. This personal, handmade touch just makes the product that little bit more special. It also helps that Lush has always been known for its “fresh handmade cosmetics” with a relatively short shelf-life; giving me the idea that real people, instead of cold hard machines, are stirring the formulas in vats. The Salted Coconut Hand Scrub is blended with fine sea salt, glycerine, fresh lemon infusion, organic silken tofu (!!), argan oil, cupuacu butter, extra virgin coconut oil, neroli  oil. While the grains of salt gently exfoliated my skin, the oils thoroughly moisturised it too. The scrub left my hands feeling soft, …