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Lush Holiday 2016 

You can never miss a Lush store when it is near.

Because your nose would pick up the distinct cacophony of scents of essential oils, before your eyes meet a riot of fun colours in the store.

And when it is the Holiday season, Lush goes all out with its colourful soap bars, sparkly bath bombs, jelly concoctions, moisturising lotions, potions, and creams.

All perfect for pampering yourself or other people as the year wraps up in a couple of months.

There aren’t many other happier-looking stores in town when Lush is round the corner.

Here’s why:

Never Mind The Ballistics bath bomb ($13 each): sweet orange and lime oils, fair trade cocoa butter


Reindeer Rock soap ($20 each): roses and lingonberries


Papa Noel Facial Jelly ($29 each): Slice into cubes and use like a facial soap bar; lemon, lime, tangerine, kaolin

Shooting Stars soap ($13 per 100g): star fruit puree, lime, lemon, bergamot

Magic Wand Bubble Bar ($22 each): vanilla

Colourful Luxury Lush Pud bath bomb ($15 each): tonka absolute, lavender oil, benzoin resinoid; purple and turquoise Mistletoe bath bomb ($13 each): jasmine absolute, ylang ylang, vetiver


The blue and gold Shoot For The Stars bath bomb ($15 each) is a crowd-favourite: Brazilian orange and bergamot oils, cocoa butter and olive oil

All that you see here are available at Lush stores in Singapore, now.

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