Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Capsules

Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Capsules: Updated Formulas

The iconic pearlescent capsules have been updated with extra benefits for the skin.

The Elizabeth Arden Advanced Ceramide Capsule Daily Youth Restoring Serum contain ceramides, lipids, retinol and botanicals that keeps skin looking plump, fresh, smoother and softer.

The oil always feels dense when you dispense the capsule into your palms. But warm it between the hands, press into skin; and you’ll see how easily absorbed it is.

To boost the skin’s renewal process while you sleep, try the Retinol Ceramide Capsules Line Erasing Night Serum. As its name suggests, has an additional shot of retinol to stimulate the skin’s collagen production, and glow.

These oil-based serums work best on those with dry or combination skin. And depending on how your face feels after this formula is absorbed, layer on a moisturiser to seal in the skin food.

Elizabeth Arden Prevage Progressive Renewal Treatment

Full Review: Elizabeth Arden Prevage Progressive Renewal Treatment

Intensive skincare treatments can be tricky.

With the high concentration of ingredients, they could either work magic on the skin, or leave it irritated and prickly.

And it seems Elizabeth Arden’s premium Prevage range may have gotten the formulas of its four-week Progressive Renewal Treatment right.

The genius is in the four-bottles labelled 1 to 4. Each contains an increasing concentration of peeling and rejuvenating ingredients, to minimise irritation of the skin.

This treatment range is made with polyhydroxy acid, and alpha hydroxy acid to exfoliate and encourage cell turnover. It is also blended with the antioxidant idebenone as well as phosphate salts to maintain a low PH level on the skin for more effectiveness.

The active ingredients are kept active and more potent with a push button mechanism that mixes the idebenone only upon the first use. See it in action here (from 2:21).

Each bottle is enough for at least a week’s supply. (Although because I prefer to be conservative when it comes to using intensive treatments, and use only one pipette each time; so my first bottle lasted me three weeks!)

To further prevent irritation when using this product, do a patch test. Then use it on clean and dry skin only in the evenings. For the first night, do not apply anything else on top. After the first night, try layering a moisturising serum or cream after 20 minutes to see how the skin feels. I find that this treatment works wonders with the Advanced Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Serum on top. If all feels fine, continue with this routine.

After one use of the Renewal Treatment, my skin looked immediately brighter. After a week, the skin feels smoother with less flakiness around the usually dry areas such as the cheeks. My skin also looked more even in tone.

Check back here for reviews after bottles 2, 3, and 4.

Update after full treatment (with all four bottles) was completed: Overall, skin looked smoother, and fresher; results are more drastic than I would get after using usual skincare products. I would recommend this treatment once a year.

Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Lift and Firm Sculpting Gel

The idea is so simple and not exactly new, but effective.

To boost the effects of its new Lift and Firm Sculpting Gel from its signature Ceramide range, Elizabeth Arden attached a roller applicator to the product.

So as you squeeze the tube, the gel formula oozes onto the roller-applicator which you apply onto the skin in upward strokes to firm and lift.

Coat skin with the gel, then gently massage it into the skin.

It immediately makes the skin feel tighter and more supple.

If you prefer lightweight hydration on your skin, you could also use this in-lieu of a moisturiser.

This formula also primes skin well for make-up, as it leave skin smoother, firmer and moisturised enough for foundation to set nicely on it.

Elizabeth Arden Sheer Kiss Lip Oil

To appeal to its regular customers who have been loyal to the label over the decades, as well as the Millennials, Elizabeth Arden has found a balance with its new Sheer Kiss Lip Oil.

It has the viscous texture and sheer tint of a gloss, but the moisturising goodness of a lip oil and trendy shades. 

Containing coconut, avocado, tsubaki, sunflower seed and meadow foam oils; the product sinks into the skin easily and plumps up dry lips, without leaving it sticky like traditional glosses. 

Available in six shades at $34 each: Pampering Pink, Nude Oasis, Coral Caress (TBG pick), Rejuvenating Red, Purple Serenity, and Heavenly Rose (TBG pick).

Each gives lips a sheer wash of colour and soft shine.

The formula comes in an interesting pod-like container; remove the cap, squeeze the soft centre and apply the product directly onto lips.
I prefer to apply it with a lip brush for better precision.

The lighter shades Nude Oasis and Pampering Pink also make a good lip-softening base for smooth application of a bold lipstick.

Elizabeth Arden’s new Eight Hour Cream collection

Elizabeth Arden is the original Lipstick Queen.

In 1912, she supported the women’s suffrage movement by supplying them with red lipstick,  turning bright rouge into a mark of female liberation.

Arden is also best known for her Eight Hour Cream, which she formulated in 1930 as a multi-purpose balm to treat everything from chapped lips to ragged cuticles and cracked heels.

The apricot-coloured formula contains the skin-moisturising petrolatum, soothing beta-hydroxy, and Vitamin E.

Apparently, Arden even used the balm on her thoroughbred horses to heal their cracked hooves.

The bestselling balm has clinched 22 international beauty awards, and is a celebrity fave.

To ride on the balm’s cult status, the brand has churned out at least 13 products in the Eight Hour Cream range.

The latest of which is the Eight Hour Miracle Hydrating Mist, blended with pomegranate, acai, mangosteen, noni, goji, apple leaf, and coffee seed extracts.

Use it to tone, soften and refresh skin, or even set your makeup.

TBG’s other picks in the range: the Lip Protectants, and All Over Miracle Oil Spritz.