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Fancl Zero Preservatives Skincare

I recently contracted a bout of contact dermatitis on my décolleté, an allergic reaction to a product I applied on my skin.

It itched and burned, and was covered in angry and red welts for weeks.

Now that I’ve recovered with antihistamines, I’m left with patchy scars on my chest. I’m just patiently waiting for my skin tone in that area to even out.

It was a painful reminder to always pay attention to the ingredients in my skincare.

Now while I cannot guarantee that Fancl skincare would not cause you to break out in an allergic reaction, as everyone reacts differently to skincare products; it is a “cleaner” option.

This Japanese skincare brand which is well-known for its oral collagen skincare supplements, is also renowned for its preservative-free and fragrance-free formulas.

Its anti-ageing and moisturising range are sold in relatively small 30ml bottles, which are doubly-sealed. The rationale: as it is preservative-free, it needs to be kept fresh and you need to use up the content of the bottle quickly for best results.

The smaller bottles mean they are great to pack for your travels and staycations too.

For this review, I roadtested the Fancl Enrich Lotion I that freshens up my skin like a moisturising toner, followed by the Fancl Moist Refine Emulsion II for a deeper hydration. These were good enough to keep my skin supple for the day, while feeling lightweight on the skin.

For an added boost at night, I layer on two pumps of the Core Effector to help boost the elasticity of my skin. There was some visible firmness after I used this product for a week.

Without fragrance and preservatives in the formulas, I slathered on the skincare with ease.

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