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More organic ingredients in Three Cosmetics

The popular Japanese skincare label Three now contains a higher dose of organic ingredients.

The revamped formulas are given the stamp of approval by Cosmos Eco Cert (the international standard for organic and natural cosmetics), and contain up to 100 per cent naturally derived ingredients.

This means formulas that are more nourishing for the skin.

Each is made with essential oils such as frankincense, geranium, orange peel and petitgrain; botanical oils like tea seed, sea berry and jojoba oil; as well as extracts including carrot root, grapefruit, white tea and lavender.

The lovely and rejuvenating natural scents of the formulas will make your beauty routine a true pleasure.

The improved products are:

*Balancing Point Makeup Remover (S$50)

* Balancing Cleansing Oil (S$68)

* Balancing Foam (S$58)

* Balancing Lotion(S$98)

*Balancing SQ Oil (S$150)

*Balancing Emulsion (S$110)

* Balancing Cream (S$140)

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