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Laneige Water Bank range: Upgraded

Moisturised, hydrated, supple, dewy skin.

The signature Korean beauty look is built entirely on the skincare routine that soaks skin in moisture and oils.

So Laneige has stepped up its flagship Water Bank collection with the extracts of water cress, kale, beetroot, and garden cress.

The star products of the lightweight moisturising range are the Hydro Essence and Gel Cream (for combination skin); and Moisture Essence and Moisture Cream (for drier skin).

Look out for the Water Bank Quick Hydro Pen as well. It is the perfect handy skincare tool for those random dry patches on the cheeks or undereye area that appear in the middle of the day.

Just click the pen to dispense a gel cream, and apply.

Also contains extracts of artichoke, lima beans and brussel sprouts.

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