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Apivita Experience Store

Borne out of a pharmacy and inspired by the humble and hardworking bee, Apivita may be Greece’s best beauty and wellness export.

It is rarely spotted in Athens, save for in a smattering of pharmacies. The brand used to be available in Asia, but is currently nowhere to be found there.

But Apivita’s skincare and wellness selection is one of the best in Europe.

Formulated with bee products – from regular honey to pricey royal jelly and potent propolis – as well as botanicals found in the rich lands of Greece and beyond, Apivita’s products are unpretentious.

To get the full range of what the brand has to offer, visit its three-storey flagship at 6 Solonos St & Kanari St, Kolonaki, Athens.

On the ground floor, take your pick from the wide range of skincare for women, men and babies.

This includes its selection of delicious skincare masks for every concern, conveniently packaged in sachets so they remain fresh and easy to bring along on vacations.

Apivita’s suncare and anti-ageing products are also of top-notch quality.

On the first floor, get your smoothie fix at the Juicy Bee bar.

On the menu, blends such as Bee Strong (almond milk, goji berry, banana, honey, coconut butter, hemp oil, bee pollen) and Bee Young (almond milk, banana, blue berries, acai, honey, lucuma).

There, you can also pick up the Ironwort Greek Mountain Tea blends, royal jelly, flower honey and bee pollen.

On the other end of the floor is the Natural Pharmacy where you can get your customised skincare blends concocted on the spot.

Move on to the next floor and you get a hair salon and barbershop that is also stocked with the full range of Apivita’s haircare products.

If you want a full-on pampering session, make your way to the top floor where the Beehive Spa is located.

The windows are tinted yellow, so the whole place is bathed in a calming golden light to simulate the interior of a cocooning honeycomb.

To soothe my sunburnt skin, I tried the Royal Honey treatment (60 mins for 60 Euros).

The session comprises of a scrub, body mask, and further moisturisation that left my skin soft and supple all over.

The spa was also the perfect spot for a nap after a day of shopping in the upscale Kolonaki area.

Treatments are priced from 30 Euros for a 30-min foot massage to 95 Euros for a 75-min anti-ageing royal jelly facial.

Call 210 3640560 to make a booking.

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