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Super Smooth

I have nothing against women who prefer to keep the hair on their underarms as a feminist political statement.

But personally, I prefer clean-shaven pits for hygiene reasons.

The trouble of shaving (and the resulting ingrown hair) is literally a pain for me.

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve put on a pretty sleeveless outfit; and just before heading out, realise that I need to shave.

At a friend’s recommendation, I decided to try a session of hair removal laser treatment on my underarms at Super Smooth.


Tucked away in a nondescript corner of the CBD area at Robinson Square, the salon does not even have a signboard. Yet, it has a constant stream of regulars to keep the clean and spacious area in business (a sign of a reliable enterprise).

Previously, Super Smooth was located at Amoy Street.


I opted to treat the hair follicles on my underarm ($60 per session; $1,027 for eight sessions and additional necessary ones within three years).

After the areas were shaved with a disposable razor (very important for hygiene), an icy cool gel was applied to reduce the heat of the laser. Dion, the therapist was gentle and skilled. So all I felt was a slight warm and tingling sensation as the laser pulsed away to eliminate the hair follicles.

The session was over in less than 30 minutes; a good investment of time as it would save me from having to shave my underarms again for the next four to six weeks.

One of my underarms felt a little bit sore after the session but after rinsing it in cool water in the shower; I felt fine.

Here’s a record of my hair growth over the next four weeks:

Week 1: No hair growth. Usually, I have to shave at least twice a week.

Week 2: A few stubbles here and there, 90 per cent more sparse than usual. But these fell out a few days later.

Weeks 3 and 4: Even lesser stubbles, and they seem finer than usual. I have not used the shaver on my pits for four weeks, and it is liberating.

Super Smooth recommends that its clients return for the next treatment six to eight weeks after the first session. For most, eight sessions would be enough to completely remove the hair follicles.

Prices start from $50 per session and $1,000 for a three-year warranty for hair removal on the upper lip; to $200 for a single session and $5,136 for a three-year warranty for hair removal on the legs.

Visit Super Smooth’s site for the deets.

The salon is located at Level 2 Robinson Square, 144 Robinson Rd S(068908).

Salon pictures: Super Smooth

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