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Mamonde Flower Facial Masks

You’ve probably heard of a perfume wardrobe; but what about a mask wardrobe?

Mamonde’s new set of Flower Facial Masks remind us of just that.

Available in a variety of textures, these masks have different functions and are each themed with a different bloom.

The Enriched Nutri Sleeping Mask is concocted with the Evening Primrose and capsule beads for an intensive treatment of dehydrated skin. (The fragrance may be a little too strong for the liking of some though.)

While the Calming Hydro Sleeping Mask contains calendula extracts and petals to soothe and moisturise normal skin.  The refreshing floral scent is light and calming.

Both sleeping masks – like Laneige’s bestselling Sleeping Masks – have a viscous and refreshing gel texture to seal moisture into the skin while you sleep. There is no need to wash it off till the next morning. As its name suggests, you can sleep through the night (or afternoon nap) with it on.

The Petal Purifying Bubble Mask is blended with rose extract, and bubbles upon application on skin to lift impurities from the pores. With a lovely damascene rose scent, it is clarifying and so may dry the skin a little. Follow up with one of the Sleeping Masks to balance the skin.

Similarly, the Pore Clean Clay Mask with the herb eoseong cho that deep cleanses and tightens pores, also strips skin of oils, so moisturise afterwards.

The Mamonde Flower Facial Masks are an easy-to-use collection at a relatively affordable price at S$28 per jar.

Available at Mamonde boutiques.


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