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How to Have Better Skin Instantly: 7 Things to Do

These may seem obvious but you are probably too lazy to do them.

So here’s a reminder to add these steps to your regular skincare routine, for fresher and clearer skin in 2018.

1. Exfoliate with a washcloth at least three times a week. Go for 100 per cent cotton cloths, and slough away the dead skin while washing your face. Exfoliate either in the morning or evening. You’ll have less flakey dead skin and blackheads.

2. Unclog pores with a micellar lotion or makeup remover. Every night. No stinting on this step. Especially when you slather on longwearing foundation and sunscreen. Biore makeup remover wipes, Sephora makeup removers, and Bioderma’s micellar lotion are our go-tos.

3. Invest in a magnifying mirror. A seven-time magnification glass will let you clearly see all those clogged pores. So you will conscientiously practice points 1 and 2.

4. Use a skin-softening lotion as the first step of your skincare application routine. This will really amp up the efficacy and absorption of the skincare products applied afterwards. We like the ones from Clarins, Three, Laneige and Origins.

5. Sweat it out. When you exercise and perspire, the pores become unclogged. I always have clearer skin after a workout.

6. Massage your face. In upward strokes and towards the lymph nodes to promote circulation. Or invest in a good facial massager/ beauty device from brands like Refa Pro, Talika and Skin Inc.

7. Keep biocellulose/ gel sheet masks on standby. Put one on, close your eyes, breathe deeply and take a nap. Pulpy biocellulose or gel sheet masks do not dry out easily, while sealing skin in moisturising goodness. TBG’s faves are from For Beloved One, Sulwhasoo, and Skin Inc.

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