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Pat McGrath Labs Mothership I, II, III; Luxetrance and Mattetrance Lipstick

The famed celebrity makeup artist – known for travelling with tons of Louis Vuitton luggage, and her exacting make-up standards – is busting all make-up launch traditions.

She does her brand announcements exclusively on Instagram, responds actively to all her followers on the social media platform, and rolls out collection after collection without thought for consumers’ pockets or seasons.

Then there’s her fantastic makeup formulas. All pigmented and smooth colours in textures that only an artist like her can dream up; and an entrepreneur like her can go through with getting the make-up factories to produce.

The Mothership eyeshadow palettes come with 10 shades each in a myriad of matte, iridescent, metallic and glittery shades. In each of the three palettes, there are two black and nude shades that are repeated; but then again these are essentials that complement all the other bold hues.

There is minimal loose powder falling around the face when the shadows are applied, as they have a dry but creamy quality to them. The formulas can also be applied wet for more intense colours. Long-lasting and great for blending, the eyeshadows come encased in a hefty case with a luxurious bevelled mirror.

At US$125 each, these palettes are clearly made for beauty junkies and collectors. But I daresay that if you get your hands on the Mothership I, II and III palettes, you will not need any other for a long while (if you are a normal human being, and not say, a beauty addict) as all the colours are flattering and on-trend .

Pat McGrath Labs’ shadows are similar in texture to Natasha Denona‘s, which are almost as pricey.

McGrath’s lipsticks are covetable too. The bullets are creamy with colours that can be spotted from the moon, and incredibly long-lasting for solid lipsticks. The matte version can be a little dry, but nothing that a priming slick of balm would not solve. Each comes sheathed in a barrel topped with a pouty gold lip that turns up the luxe factor.

Verdict: Pat McGrath is not for the lightweight beauty junkies.

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