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Pramasana Scalp Treatment at Urbanhair, Tangs Orchard

A healthy and clean scalp gives you lush locks, simple as that.

The hair follicles on your scalp are most likely clogged with dead skin cells, product build-up and excess sebum (gross, indeed) if:

  • you use plenty of hairstyling products or heavy conditioners;
  • your hair is often greasy at the roots;
  • your scalp flaky;
  • and a scalp-clarifying shampoo or scalp treatment is foreign to you.

An unhealthy scalp could then lead to dandruff, thin and lifeless hair.

(This follows the same logic as to why you get clogged pores and acne when you wear plenty of makeup but do not deep-cleanse the skin.)

So consider a simple, gentle and effective scalp-balancing treatment like the Pramasana Scalp routine by Aveda at Urbanhair (from $105 for men and $170 for ladies, 60 mins).

It takes just an hour, with no gimmickry (we’ve tried enough of those with infrared lights 😑, hot air treatment caps 😧, blood tests 😱, etc. )

The routine begins with a quick shoulder and neck massage, followed by a gentle massaging of the scalp with a special brush to loosen the build-up, and improve circulation.

The Pramasana Purifying Scalp Cleanser, an exfoliating lotion is then applied on the scalp and massaged in with zig zag motions and soothing pressure-point massages.

The lotion contains seaweed extract to balance sebum levels in the skin, lactobacillus to strengthen it, tamanu oil to protect, and a babassu cleansing agent to deep-cleanse.

The cypress-neroli-grapefruit scent also relaxes the senses.

During the treatment, the solution leaves the scalp feeling minty and tingly. After 15 minutes, it is shampooed off, and your hair is conditioned based on its needs.

Next, the leave-in Pramasana Protective Scalp Concentrate is massaged into the skin to nourish, strengthen and protect the skin.

The session is completed with a blowdry.

My scalp felt completely clean afterwards.

Plus, seeing is believing. Under the camera that zoomed right to my follicles, the bottom of each hair shaft was free of any residue. And my scalp looked clear and translucent.

Call 6737 7813 to make an appointment.

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