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Orbis Pore Care 

For that #NoFilter #WokeUpLikeThis skin, be prepared for the few extra steps in your beauty routine. 

The secret to finer, and tighter pores is simple: cleanliness.

According to Orbis’ beauty trainer Yuki Yip, the pores have many important roles in maintaining the health of the skin. 

They ensure waste matter (dead skin cells, fats, excess salt, etc.) is excreted from the skin, regulate the body’s temperature, and support the skin’s protection barrier. 

To ensure that pores are not clogged, keep skin clean and exfoliated.

First, thoroughly remove makeup. When foundation and suncare products are made to be long-lasting, it also means they stick stubbornly to the skin. So use a good makeup remover. 

Follow with a facial wash to further remove excess dirt, makeup and sebum. 

On days when you want to spend more time cleansing and smoothen the skin, exfoliate to get rid of dead cells on the surface, and use a deep-cleansing mask.

Follow with lotion, serum, and moisturiser. 

Orbis signature pore care products are formulated to gently cleanse, and exfoliate the skin.

The Powder Wash (S$25) contains enzymes to break down dead skin cells and sebum; as well as hyaluronic acid, collagen and royal jelly extract to moisturise. The powder formula is perfect for travel (light and no liquid spills) too. It foams up easily and is gentle on the skin.

The Aqua Peeling Gel (S$28) feels gentler than other peeling gels in the market, as it did not leave my face feeling raw afterwards. It contains deep ocean water, apricot juice and hyaluronic acid to nourish skin. Use on a clean, dry face; rub the gel on skin in gentle circular motions until you get white, flaky bits (clumps of dead skin cells); and rinse. 

Care-Na Hot Cool Gel (S$23) is an interesting product made for unclogging pores. I tried this on my face when it was particularly clogged up; and it rid my skin of 50 per cent of the white and black heads after one use. Ground peach seed and microcrystalline particles, as well as charcoal powder, remove impurities from the skin. Hyaluronic acid, collagen and hamamelis leaf extract keep skin bouncy. The gel feels warm upon application, to dilate pores for easier removal of dirt buildup. Massage on skin for ten seconds (I go on for up to a minute) and rinse. Use on clean, dry skin. 

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