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Codage Paris Prescription: On The Road Again

The latest niche beauty label to hit Escentials’ shelves is Codage Paris, the French brand which prides itself on potent serums. 

The range of seven serums are made to suit different skincare needs and lifestyles. 

A good way to start experimenting with this new-to-market brand is to pick up the On The Road Again “prescription”.

Packed to treat skin that is imbalanced due to the drying cabin conditions and unfamiliar weather, it contains:

1) Micellar Water (50ml) – a gentle but effective cleanser that also hydrates skin. It does not leave the skin tight and dry, and there is no need to rinse. Just dampen a cotton pad with the solution, and wipe skin clean.

2) Serum No.1 (10ml) – for intense moisturisation, the clear serum is lightweight but soaks skin easily. It contains complexes and ingredients to stimulate the skin’s own natural moisturisation levels (hyaluronic acid, aquaporin stimulator peptide) for long-lasting hydration, as well as antioxidants to protect.

3) Serum No.3 (10ml) – for radiance and energy. Also formulated with ingredients that deeply moisturise, as well as antioxidants, skin-firming peptides, and Vitamins A, C and E. The milky serum is slightly viscous and plumps skin immediately.

4) Creme de Jour and Creme de Nuit: Day and night creams that feel more like milky emulsion to soothe and wrap skin in hydration, and seal in the goodness of the serums. 

Verdict: The serums are luxurious with effective hi-tech ingredients. Worth a shot if you want to switch up your skincare routine when travelling somewhere with drastically different weather conditions, or when your skin feels not-quite-right and needs a potent cocktail.

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