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Clarins Plant Gold Collection

Skincare oils are the ultimate moisturisers.

If they are pure enough and well-formulated, the oils sink right into the skin to keep it supple, protected, and resilient. There will be no greasy after feel and stickiness.

The first ones I’ve ever tried are from Clarins, and I still love them.

The Tonic Body Treatment Oil is often used during Clarins’ body treatments. It smells calming, yet energising at the same time. Inside: the essential oils of rosemary, geranium, and mint blended with hazelnut oil.

 The Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil is a lifesaver when my skin is dehydrated or feeling irritated. I either wear it alone or blend it into a cream for that extra nourishment. I also like to add a drop to my liquid foundation for a glow. Just one drop of this relatively thick oil, or a maximum of two, is enough for your entire face.

On a base of hazelnut oil, the essential oils of rosewood and patchouli, as well as blue orchid extract are added. The smell of this luxurious oil always makes me feel better too.

I’m amazed at how these two oils were the first few formulas concocted by the brand’s founder Jacque Courtin in 1954, and they are still bestsellers today.

More recently, Clarins extended its oils to its lip care range.

The Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil is available in two tints and a colourless version.

Super moisturising, it gives lips a glossy finish. It is also all you need to protect your lips in wintry conditions.

Thinking of starting the year on the right note for your skin? Get your hands on these.


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