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How K-Wave Superstar Song Hye Kyo styles her locks

The goddess of K-dramas, and fever-ed K-Wave dreams, actress Song Hye Kyo’s locks are always perfectly silky-shiny with just the right amount of volume and bouncy curls around her shoulders.

Here, she shares how she achieves the perfect hairstyle with her Dyson Supersonic (and trusted stylist).


Step 1: Use the dryer without any attachments, and turn it on high heat and high airflow settings. This speeds up the drying of the hair.



Step 2:  To give the roots of your hair some lift, snap on the diffuser. Then use it to “brush” the hair upwards towards the crown.



Step 3: When hair is half dry, snap on the smoothening nozzle, and set the dryer on medium heat and high airflow. Direct the nozzle downwards. The strong airflow will help to seal the cuticles for silky hair.



Step 4: When hair is 80 per cent dry, snap on the styling nozzle for a concentrated airflow to create loose curls. Set dryer on high heat and high airflow.



Step 5: Finally, snap on the diffuser again to set curls with a cool shot of air and low airflow. This helps the locks to last longer throughout the day.


About the Dyson Supersonic:

Dyson invested £50 million in the development of the Dyson Supersonic hairdryer
1010 miles of human hair has been used in testing of the gadget
600 prototypes were made before the product hit the market
100+ patents pending
16 patents pending for the attachments alone
4 years in-the-making
103 engineers worked on it

Find out more about the Dyson Supersonic in my previous post.

Watch Song’s tutorial on her hairstyling routine here.

Photos: Dyson



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