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Skin Inc Pure Recovery Dew

Hands-down, this new hydrating formula is the most lightweight one that I’ve come across.

Described as a “gel-to-dew” moisturiser, it is dispensed from the pump as a translucent white gel. But when you spread the dollop onto the skin, it turns into droplets of water.

So you’ll feel like you’ve just applied an essence on your skin. Or splashed some water on your face, except that it does not dry out your skin. Emollients are added to keep the skin hydrated for longer.

This Skin Inc Pure Recovery Dew ($72) concotion contains Japanese onsen water from the famous Izuma Yumura hot spring that is rich in minerals and soothes; hyaluronic acid to keep skin moisturised; and the antioxidant French pine bark.

I like the fact that this formula is easy to layer between my extensive day skincare routine: essence, <Recovery Dew>, serum, cream moisturiser, sunscreen, primer, foundation.

Because its texture is watery when applied onto the skin, this moisturiser also blends perfectly with the rest of Skin Inc’s water-based serums.

So you can continue to customise your skincare routine to fit the condition of your skin.

Another way to use this multi-tasker: Spread it between your palms then press it on top of make-up to perk up the face at mid-day.

The Pure Recovery Dew is available at Skin Inc stores Jan 2017. 


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