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Pony Effect Customising Lip Palette

The difference between regular products, and the ones that are designed by make-up artists is always apparent.

Like South Korean YouTube sensation Pony’s Customising Lip Palette.

It comes with ten creamy shades – including yellow, blue, white, black and purple.

The colours are a little too avant garde for your regular K-Beauty brand you say?

You could wear them on their own, or mix it with the regular pinks and reds in the palette to customise them.

Just like the pros.

Here’s how:

  • Add white to make the pinks and reds more pastel
  • Blend black with the pinks and reds for a sexier and darker finish
  • Mix purple in the pinks and reds for the on-trend plummy fall shades
  • Add blue to the pinks and reds for an unexpected purple twist
  • Work yellow into the blues and pinks to turn them into more vibrant and warmer hues

Such a simple but clever product.

At a time when everyone can pick up make-up tricks off Instagram, YouTube and everywhere else on the Internet; items like these are on-point.

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